iFrogz Introduces Some New Headphones and Accessories

I work at a college and one of the things you see in almost every set of ears on campus is a set of headphones.  Our bookstore sells them all the time when students destroy their favorite pair of buds which is why they carry many different brands of headphones including some from iFrogz as well.  Today iFrogz has brought out a new line of headphones in the new iFrogz Audio brand.  They will also be bringing two more sets of headphones in the Ear Pollution line of headphones.

The first set is a set of on ear headphones called Frequency.  They will be available in Black, Green or White colors for $79.99.

Next up is a set that will work with any iPhone, Android or any device that has a 1/8 inch jack called Vertex.  The Vertex set of headphones has a in-line microphone so that you can take a call any time and get right back to the music.  Available colors are Black/Red or Iron.  They will be priced at $60.00.

My favorite in looks is iFrogz new Timbre Pro headphones.  They are made from wood and look really different than your standard run of the mill earbud.  The Tibre Pro’s also include a in-line microphone and have a woven headphone cable making them a little less susceptible to tangle.  They will soon be available and are only $49.99.

The Transport ear buds look like you have turbines stuffed in your ears and also include an in-line microphone.  They will be available in blue, green or silver and priced at $39.99.



In the Ear Pollution line, there’s two new sets of buds.  The first is the Evolution headphones in Black/White, Blue/Yellow,Pink or Pink/Grey/Blue and are priced at $29.99.  The second is a jet engine inspired set of buds called Legion.  They will be available in Black, Blue or Yellow and are priced at $24.99.

Now that was a lot of headphones!



Now that those are out of the way, they also have a line of other accessories that are available in many colors.   The Aux, Split and Extend cables are all $9.99 and the Unique Sync iPhone/iPod/iPad cable is only $14.99.  Check all of these cables out on the iFrogz site.

ExtendUnique Sync

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