Jaybird Endorphin Rush Earbuds Review

A couple of days ago I reviewed the Jaybird Tiger Eyes earbuds, which include a microphone and are designed primarily for mobile phone users.  But what if you aren’t looking for earbuds to use with a mobile phone?  Enter the Endorphin Rush earbuds from Jaybird.


These earbuds have the same titanium drivers that the Tiger Eyes, which promise similar true to life sound.  The Endorphin Rush  sound exactly the same as the Tiger Eyes.  They sounded a little tinny, but were more than adequate for use when working out.

The thing that the Jaybird line of products is known for is their lifetime guarantee against sweat.  Jaybird wants you to use these for working out and they are, in fact, tailored for this.  So if for some reason your sweat damages the headphones and causes them to fail, Jaybird will cover it under their warranty.

So now that I’ve established that the Endorphin Rush are, for the most part, the same as the Tiger Eyes, what makes them different than the Tiger Eyes? Two things.  One is that they do not have the microphone.  The other is that these are designed so you put them on before your t-shirt, thus keeping the cable from getting tangled in gym equipment or in other athletes arms.  You could play basketball while wearing these.


They come with these pads, which you snap on the cables.  This helps the earbud stay on your ear while playing sports or working out.  In normal everyday wear, you may not need the pads as the friction of the silicone tips would keep them in your ears.


Here’s what they look like up close and nestled in my ears.


These also come in similar packaging to the Tiger Eyes, with the same amount of foam rubber padding.  It  surprised me that they would put this much padding in a box holding a set of earbuds.  Jaybird could easily reduce the packaging by half or more and still make sure they get to you undamaged.


The same accessories that came with the Tiger Eyes are included with Endorphin Rush.  The same array of tips and the same case.  The only difference between the two are the addition of the cable pads.


Jaybird has come up with another great set of earbuds targeted at those who workout, play sports or even just hiking through the woods.  The sweat proof design means that these will last much longer than a normal set of earbuds.

The Jaybird Endorphin Rush Earbuds are available at the Jaybird website for $99.00.

What I liked: Same titanium drivers and the same sweat proof guarantee.  The accessories are great too and allows you to keep these in your gym bag with out getting tangled in your gym clothes.

What needs improvement: The packaging.  Also, some may not like running these down their bareback while working out.  Solution to this is to just run them down on the outside of your shirt or wear a t-shirt like those on Scottevest’s website to keep the cables at bay.

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