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August 15, 2011 • Editorials

Apple Moving into HDTV Market? Here’s a Great First Step


Last night I was a bit under the weather. I went in search of something to watch and came upon the new Starz/BBC series Strike Back on my iPad’s browser. A few taps of the screen and it was playing on my large Samsung HDTV. It was just another reminder of the way in which Apple’s technology can create a seamless ecosystem for work and entertainment.

Then today Cult of Mac published a post entitled Could Apple Enter Sub-$1K Premium TV Market With A Real iTV?


In it they write

News that high-end TVs are nearing the sub $1,000 range may be the impetus for Apple to enter the market, a new report suggests. For some time, talk has swirled around the tech giant moving beyond the world of 10-inch screens. Might 32-inches and above be the next step for Cupertino?

It got me thinking that Apple could make a first step right now and with ease. The new device would look just like this…


Yes, all Apple has to do it put one of their new Apple TVs inside the Thunderbolt Display and they will have created a 27″ smart tv that extends their iOS devices AND works with their MacBook offerings. Sure it wouldn’t have a cable box built-in, but it would be a great first step, and I would love to see an Apple TV integrated into the Thunderbolt Display. How about you?

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