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August 16, 2011 • Gear Bits

Living under a Rock? Nope, under a Bubble


At times I’ve been told I live under a rock. Maybe I do sometimes but its nice and quiet there. 🙂 And it sure beats living in a bubble doesn’t it? Well maybe not.


Check out this bubble hut, the Crystalbubble. Its shape

…was voluntarily designed with the goal to offer a dreamy space without disturbing the nature and the environment. The hut and its walls were reduced at their minimum. Cristalbubble hut is both suited to spend an unusual night in the nature and taking advantage of a multifunction life space all year long, even at the bottom of your garden.

The portable, self-contained living space offers 360-degree views — both out and, umm… in — so A bit of discretion is suggested.

Check out this video:

It can be yours for just $11,400.

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  1. Wait … didn’t I see this in a Woody Allen movie?!? 😀

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