PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

This six game collection includes two brand new Pac-Man and Galaga games specifically tailored for the Nintendo 3DS, PAC-MAN Tilt and Galaga 3D IMPACT. The collection also contains the famous classics and two reboots, PAC-MAN® Championship Edition and Galaga® Legions. The Galaga games pits players against endless enemy spaceships and creatures while Pac-Man gobbles up everything in sight while avoiding colorful ghosts.

The Hype

PAC-MAN® and Galaga®, two of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ most iconic franchises enter a new dimension of fun with new and classic games for the Nintendo 3DS system.  Players will be able to play through 30 years of history with the original Galaga and PAC-MAN games, their 21st century reboots, PAC-MAN® Championship Edition and Galaga® Legions, as well as two al new adventures designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system; PAC-MAN Tilt and Galaga 3D IMPACT.  All six games are available now in PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS for $39.99.

PAC-MAN gets topsy-turvy in his latest adventure, PAC- MAN Tilt.  Guide PAC-MAN through over 20 2D platforming levels collecting Pac-Dots, Power Pellets and fruit to earn the top score for each mission.  Players will be able to tilt the 3DS system using its motion sensor to manipulate PAC-MAN’s environment, turning obstacles into platforms, walls into stairs and much more.  Earn enough points in each level to receive a medal.  Medals can be exchanged for bonus levels for an extra challenge .  Other PAC-MAN games In PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS include the original PAC-MAN arcade game and 2007’s award-winning PAC-MAN Championship Edition.  PAC-MAN Championship Edition takes the classic PAC-MAN gameplay and updates it with a timed Score Attack mode, multiple mazes, online leaderboards and brightly colored neon graphics.

Galaga’s 30th anniversary continues with Galaga 3D IMPACT, a thrilling first-person on-rails shooter that thrusts players into the middle of a Galaga invasion.  Galaga 3D IMPACT lets players maneuver their perspective within the pilot seat of a space fighter with the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyro sensor to aim and shoot enemies as they try to lay siege against the human race.  The player’s real-life movements correspond to the action represented on-screen in an impressive mash-up of arcade shooter and 3D virtual reality.  Other Galaga games included in PAC-MAN & Galaga DIMENSIONS include the original Galaga arcade game and the 2008 reboot, Galaga Legions. In Galaga Legions, players can place two satellite guns down in any direction to act as turrets to help fend off the incoming Galaga formations.  Neon lines will streak across the screen to indicate where the Galaga will move through each wave, giving players a chance to set up their plan of attack.  Galaga Legions also includes online leaderboards to compete against friends and the world.

The Reality

Six solid games in one collection featuring all ages appeal in every player skill set yearning for the space shooter Galaga and platform based Pac-Man. The nostalgic arcade experience strengthens this collection the best as these two famous game franchises represent the basic essentials. These games show why the franchises are famous for a reason while developers make high efforts with the two new Galaga and Pac-Man games specifically for Nintendo 3DS play where players tilt the system while using the smooth circle pad control. The touch screen options have basic functionality, largely  in the menu choices, so they don’t play a huge role into the gameplay.

These six games satisfy hardcore gamers with high replay value and difficult challenges while casual players can easily enjoy the pick-up-and-play accessibility. Fast reaction times and unique spatial skills improve player chances for a high score. Player save data can be reset by holding the A,B,X,Y,L and R buttons when booting up the game from the Nintendo 3DS system’s home screen. New players can try the new 3D games first, but might find the previous four useful to understand basic concepts and goals.

 PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

The classic Pac-Man and Galaga arcade versions let players change among different arcade machine views which often reduces the graphics. The smaller handheld screen offers great portability with sharper visuals due to the size reduction. Veterans can revisit their familiar moves, short falls, and victories while novices can create their own. The optional 3D effects enhance the view.

Pac-Man Championship Edition, a.k.a. Pac-Man C.E. was previously released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, then on mobile and PlayStation Network. This game has online leaderboards, several maze environments, and a timed Score Attack mode. Pac-Man Championship DX, the 2010 follow-up to this Pac-Man C.E. game, would have been a great addition, but is a likely candidate for the next version of another Dimensions game collection.

 PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

Galaga Legions also features online leaderboards and was previously was released on the XBLA in 2008. This Galaga iteration features dual guns movable in any direction – an ideal mechanic for fast pace fun. Players new to the Galaga franchise can take advantage of the neon colored hint lines that mark the spot of each incoming enemy wave.

PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

For the new Pac-Man Tilt game, the yellow hero grows arms and legs to tranverse through environments in a roller coaster type control scheme. As the title suggests, players tilt the 3DS for movements while pinball flippers and bright color flashes throughout gameplay also enhance this kinetic experience. Basic elements like the antagonistic ghosts and game changing power pellets remain while a new point system incorporates medal acquisition, which also leads to special bonus levels. Pac-Man’s circular physical properties also create some entertaining moves gauged by a gold tilt meter. This game has checkpoints, springs, various obstacles, and bigger sized ghosts amid side scrolling environments that could have used a more distinctive color contrast amid the individual elements.

PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS Nintendo 3DS Game Review

The new Galaga 3D Impact game has excited shoot ‘em up action where players fly automatically through space while changing their target view. Weapons include bombs, missiles, basic blasters and tractor beams that beam up enemies. Using the tractor beam also unlocks weapons. Defensive weapons include the force field (R button). This game has the best visuals in the collection.

Each game stands on its own beyond the typical “mini game” status while the entire compilation provides a memorable progression through the franchise leading to the two new games, IMPACT and TILT. Fans can also enjoy a bonus video preview of the Pac is Back animated television show directed and produced by Marvel’s Avi Arad and scheduled for release on Nickelodeon in 2012.

Review: PAC-MAN and Galaga DIMENSIONS

Where to Buy: Amazon and other stores

Price: $39.99

What I Like: fast paced gameplay, variety, portable play, different views for classic games, appealing visuals, weapons expansion in Impact

What Needs Improvement: Lacking save options, unpolished Impact and TILT music scores, would be nice to see both franchises combined into one new brand new game

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