Gear Games News: EA Launches ‘The Sims Social’ on Facebook!

Gear Games News: EA Launches 'The Sims Social' on Facebook!

Are you one of the millions of fans of The Sims franchise? Do you like Facebook games? If so … rejoice, because The Sims Social has arrived! The game will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever played a Sims game: you set up your character, then start doing some basic tasks, and slowly built a life for your Sim including interactions with others. The image below shows the basic starting point for a character.

Gear Games News: EA Launches 'The Sims Social' on Facebook!

As with the other games in the franchise you have extensive tools to alter your appearance to your liking – or just to match the characteristic you choose. Here is my straight-laced geek. Basically me without the gray hair!

Gear Games News: EA Launches 'The Sims Social' on Facebook!

In the few days the game has been available it has already become hugely popular according to a report from Mashable:

Heads up, Zynga: looks like you have some serious competition in the Facebook game space at last. The Sims Social, a reboot of Electronic Arts’ bestselling $4 billion games franchise, has only been out of beta since last Thursday — but it already has 4.6 million people playing it daily, according to AppData, a traffic tracking service from Inside Network.

That makes The Sims Social the number 10 app on Facebook overall, and the number 6 game behind Zynga hits CityVille, FarmVille, Empires & Allies, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Pioneer Trail. Not bad for a week’s work. At this rate, The Sims Social should overtake Facebook game leader CityVille (which has 14 million daily players) sometime in September.

Gear Games News: EA Launches 'The Sims Social' on Facebook!

The Sims Social isn’t as fully featured as the desktop version, missing the ability to control a whole family across generations, kill off your Sim, and so on – and there is loads of in-game advertising, which isn’t surprising for a free app on Facebook. But overall it seems like a fun and faithful port of the beloved franchise to Facebook.

Head on over to Facebook and check out The Sims Social … if you dare!

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