Watch Samsung Rip Off Apple AGAIN In New Galaxy S II Ad!

Watch Samsung Rip Off Apple AGAIN In New Galaxy S II Ad!

Have you seen the commercials for the Droid Bionic? As my kids put it “it doesn’t make me want the phone, but it sure is cool’! And the Verizon Wireless iPad commercial? Yawn! It there anyone who can make a commercial for a smartphone that is as interesting and compelling as Apple?

Turns out their supplier/competitor/collaborator/arch-rival Samsung is doing a pretty good job.

The new commercial is called “The Way We’re Wired”

Unlike Apple, there is loads of mentions of tech specs, capabilities, and so on. But similar to Apple the point is to evoke positive feelings and then link them to a product. In this case, Samsung is focusing on how we all aspire to be the best, and as parents (there are plenty of pictures of kids) we want our kids to do THEIR best … and with the Galaxy S II Samsung has aimed to make the very best smartphone, at which point it devolves into reading off a spec sheet.

That is the one thing that tech heads like me love that normal people don’t care about” specs. They don’t care if it is Super AMOLED or PenTile or Gorilla Glass or DragonTrail or Cortex A8 or dual-core A5 or … whatever. What they care about is the experience. So for me the commercial plays as ‘we want to be the best, so we threw a bunch of cool tech into a box and here it is!’ But my family liked it, remarking how it reminds them of a ‘touchy feely’ Apple commercial.

So how DO they rip off Apple? By making an awesome commercial!

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