mSecure 3.0 Puts a Blowfish in the Cloud

mSecure 3.0 Puts a Blowfish in the Cloud
Largely because I tend to switch devices and platforms regularly, I keep coming back to the same password manager – who for now shall remain nameless – because it is available for Blackberry, Android, and iOS devices, as well as having desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OSX. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing software from my perspective, but it works well enough. Syncing my mobile devices does require that I sync with the same computer, but I can’t sync between computers. Cloud syncing isn’t an option.
I may have to consider switching now, however, as mSeven Software’s mSecure 3.0 ups the ante by combining software that works across multiple platforms with cloud syncing capabilities. mSecure 3.0 supports iOS, Android, OSX and Windows, so it has the multiple platform issue covered. Offering Blowfish encryption, it also now features a “Security Everywhere architecture” for improved security when syncing with cloud services, including Dropbox and the upcoming iCloud. According to mSeven Software’s PR materials:

mSecure 3.0 introduces the Security Everywhere sync architecture to accomplish three main goals:

  •    Sync securely without concern about the security of the cloud system.
  •    Sync anywhere using a general Internet connection without the hassle of firewall and router settings.
  •    Sync anytime keeping all mobile and computing devices in sync without a sync server.

mSecure’s Security Everywhere architecture adds additional encryption and compression to its proven 256-bit Blowfish encryption such that a brute-force attack by supercomputers would take 100 years to extract the data.

Other new mSecure features include:

  •    Sharing of records via email, SMS or clipboard
  •    Sync button on main toolbar to make it easy to keep records in sync with other platforms.
  •    Record counts by group, type and record name
  •    Sync reports to track changes in synced data.
  •    Email backup/restore for iOS and Android for quick backups.
  •    New convenience menus and toolbars to access most-used functions.

The universal iOS app is available here in the iTunes App Store and the Android version is available in both the Marketplace and the Amazon App Store. The normal app price is $9.99, but it’s available right now for an introductory price of $6.99.  The OSX version can be found in the Mac App Store here for $14.99, while the Windows version is available through mSeven Software’s website for $19.99. A $5 off coupon is being offered to mSeven Software’s Facebook fans. See the offer here:

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