Anker Announces a New 100W Nano II Charger, Portable Power Station, Video Bar, and Security Cams

Anker has quickly become one of our favorite mobile device accessory companies; several of us use their chargers and other products all of the time. Anker’s announcements for CES include everything from new wall adapters to portable power stations to video conferencing bars and more. Here’s a look at a few that we have to look forward to in the new year.

Anker Announces a New 100W Nano II Charger, Portable Power Station, Video Bar, and Security Cams

Anker 736 Charger (Nano II 100W)

Anker’s wall adapters are small, powerful, and convenient. Their new Anker 736 Charger is about to deliver a whopping 100W of power. But that’s just the beginning. Anker describes the pint-sized powerhouse as,

the world’s smallest 100W Gallium Nitride (GaN) wall charger that does not compromise on charging power.

The Anker 736 Charger has three ports, two USB-C ports, and a single legacy USB-A port so that you can charge up to three devices simultaneously. Equipped with PowerIQ 3.0 technology, the 736 Charger can deliver an optimized charging experience. It also supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) which means it is compatible with Samsung Super Fast Charging.

The GaN II Technology baked into the charger translates into a 100% increase in operating frequency, making it Anker’s “most innovative charger to date smaller without sacrificing a drop of power.”
The Anker 736 Charger will arrive in March and will sell for $79.

Anker 535 Portable Power Station

Anker 535 Portable Power Station

The Anker 535 Portable Power Station is a powerful charging station that delivers 512Wh so all your devices can stay charged even when no outlet is available. It has a US 110V AC outlet with a total output of 500W. In addition, it has a 60W USB-C port and three USB-A ports. The 60W PD USB-C Port is powerful enough to recharge most laptops.

Built to endure the rigors of travel, the 535 Power Station has a premium LFP battery tested to deliver up to 3000 cycles of full charge and recharge cycles. That’s six times longer than the industry average! In addition, it has a unibody design that offers rugged, reliable construction, so it really is ready to go with you on your next great adventure. (It’s also great in a power failure.)

The massive internal battery can be recharged in just 2.4 hours using the included AC adapter. You can also recharge it using a USB-C port. Recharged that way, the Power Station will reach 80% of its capacity in 2.4 hours.

The Power Station also has a Power Saving Mode that enables the device to turn off when connected devices are fully charged. This not only saves power but also helps protect your mobile devices.

Finally, the Power Station has a built-in lighting bar that will come in particularly handy in emergencies or blackouts.

The Anker 535 Portable Power Station will be available this month for $499.

Anker Announces a New 100W Nano II Charger, Portable Power Station, Video Bar, and Security Cams

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar

We’ve all become more reliant on video conferencing than ever before, and the AnkerWork B600 Video Bar is ready to take your next call to new heights.

Its all-in-one design belies the powerful AI-powered noise reduction, its 2K@30FPS video prowess and, much more. With FOV adjustment, autofocus, and image enhancement, the B600 Video Bar is packed with the latest technologies.

As Anker explains, the video bar offers a tight integration of a video camera, speakers, a microphone array, as well as a dimmable key light to brighten your calls. All of that functionality is packed into a small device that takes little to no space and helps keep desks and workstations neat and organized.

What caught our eye is the B600 Video Bar’s VoiceRadar technology and the MagicSight integrated keylight. As the company explains,

VoiceRadar technology combined with dynamic beamforming and an AI algorithm allows users to achieve full-duplex, clear calls in noisy environments [while the] MagicSight technology delivers automated lighting adjustment via an adjustable, built-in LED panel to make sure users look their best in any lighting.

You can even adjust the light’s color temperature and brightness using a free, downloadable app. The B600 Video Bar arrives this month at an MSRP of $219.99.

Anker Announces a New 100W Nano II Charger, Portable Power Station, Video Bar, and Security Cams

Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual (Battery-Powered)

eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual (Battery-Powered)

If one video camera on your smart doorbell is good, how much better would it be to have two cameras? That is the question for which the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is the answer.

The video doorbell has both a 2K camera and a 1080p camera. Together, the two can deliver a complete view of the area you want to protect. The top camera can capture the face and body of visitors, while the second camera faces down to give you a clear view of packages that may have been delivered while you were out.

But that is just the beginning of the technology built into the video doorbell. Among these are:

  • Dual Motion Detection: Uses radar and PIR technology to help more accurately detect humans and reduce false alarms by 95%*.
  • Family Recognition: With advanced AI technology, the doorbell can recognize your family and friends from strangers.
  • Package Detection: The AI can also identify packages, reminding consumers when packages have arrived.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 6 months with one single charge.
  • Work with Voice Assistants: Alexa and Google voice commands.

There’s no monthly fee to use the video doorbell, which offers 16GB of free local storage. The eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is expected to arrive in the first half of February for $259.99.

Eufy Security Garage-Control Cam and Cam Plus

eufy Security Garage-Control Cam and Cam Plus

The eufy Security Garage-Control Cam/ Plus offers an all-in-one garage control solution. As the company explains:

It’s not only a door controller that can be used to remotely open/close the garage door, but also comes with a built-in camera — a real-time view of the garage, as well as a door sensor, which detects the status of the door and alerts you when you forget to close it.

There are multiple ways to control your garage door with the eufy Security Garage-Control Cam and Cam Plus. You can tap the free app, use voice control or let the geofencing technology control the opening and closing of the door. The Garage-Control Cam Plus can support two garage doors if your garage is set up the way mine is.

In addition, the Garage-Control Cam has a camera with 1080P/2K resolution that lets you keep an eye on things at any time of day. The camera promises to give you crisp, clear images; thanks to the AI Detection, you’ll only get notifications when the system senses humans and vehicles. The AI technology is built into the device, so it performs quickly and offers security and privacy. And it is 99% accurate!

Perhaps best of all, unlike some other security systems, the eufy Security Garage-Control Cam and Cam Plus has local storage and no monthly fee.

Provides 32GB local storage with SD card without additional payment, and supports 24/7 continuous recording with 4s pre-rol to get a more complete picture of what’s happening outside your door.

The Garage-Control Cam (1080P/ Single-door Control) will be $99 at launch, while the Garage-Control Cam Plus (2K/ Two-door Control) is just $30 more at $129; both are expected in March.

Anker Announces a New 100W Nano II Charger, Portable Power Station, Video Bar, and Security Cams

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K

Finally, The new Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is ready to keep you entertained at home long after the pandemic is over. The $2199 home theater projector is small enough to move from one location to another, simple enough to set up in seconds, and bright enough to deliver crisp, clear video even when the lights are on.

Features include:

  • Laser-Powered Brightness: 2,400 ANSI Lumens, 4K Resolution, and ALPD 3.0 technology bring bright and stunning images even with lights on.
  • Move Your Home Theater: Easily carry around your house with its ergonomically designed handle.
  • Setup is a Snap: Instantly create a cinema with InstaSet Display Technology. In only 3 seconds, Gridless Auto Keystone Correction aligns the image without a grid, and Seamless Autofocus quickly clears up the display.
  • Android TV 10.0: Provide 7000+ Mainstream Apps including Netflix (Access with included 4K streaming dongle).
  • 30W speakers with AiFi technology and Dolby Audio: Heighten the intensity of the soundtrack and the intimacy of whispers to provide immersive cinema sound. Plus, AiFi technology and Dolby Audio create a true 3D soundscape.
  • Eye Guard technology: Provide intelligent eye protection with a distance sensor.

The Cosmos Laser 4K is expected to launch on Kickstarter on January 11th and is expected to arrive at backers homes in March. We’ll have more details closer to the campaign going live.

That’s just some of the new products from Anker; you can check out their extensive line of products here. We are fans, and we look forward to sharing in-depth reviews throughout 2022.

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