Headphone Accessory Review: Sinch Let’s You and Your Phone Go Tangle Free

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Cords and cables… they seem to be everywhere. and most of the time they are a tangled mess. Sure you can use a Bluetooth headset but they need to be recharged and Bluetooth is less than reliable at times. (I’m being nice.) The Sinch seeks to end the mess of tangle headphone wires that plague modern society. Using a unique design that includes two strong magnets it creates a “pocket” that can hold your earbud cord when wrapped around a device or when used in isolation. Let’s take a look at this rather unusual new accessory.


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From Sinch: 

Designed for simplicity: Sinch is created with a passion for good design and smart engineering.

Sinch’s philosophy: Good design can solve the most complex problems. This is the inspiration behind Sinch; a simple solution for the chaos of cord management.

What’s its secret? Sinch uses the magic of magnets to control your cords and make life a little easier.

Engineered to last: Simplicity is the heart of Sinch’s design. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Bend it, twist it and stretch it: Sinch is built to last.

To get a better understanding of what this is let’s take a look at the instructions for using the Sinch.


And if that doesn’t explain it well enough the company website also includes some tips for using the accessory.



One of them even suggests buying a $5.99 Sinch disc, another product designed to work with the Sinch. (More on this in the conclusion.)

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Here’s my first attempt as using the Since. I pushed my Apple earbuds’ 3.5mm plug into the hole in the Sinch. It is smartly designed to hold the plug tightly in place so once it is inserted it will remain in place.

I then laid the Sinch flat and wrapped the cord around the iPod touch and over the open Sinch.

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Once that was done the loose end of the Sinch was folded over the wrapped cords and the two magnets in the Sinch (one on each end) snapped the accessory closed.

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Now the cord was wrapped around the iPod and held in place by the Sinch.


Of course my “wrap” was not nearly as neat as the one in the pretty picture but as I have used the Sinch more and more I have been getting better at it.

Overall I like the ideal of the Sinch a great deal. It does what it promises and, if like me, you hate cord mess it is one solution worth a try. My biggest issue with the Sinch is the price. The accessory sells for an MSRP of $15.99. That strikes me as exorbitant. And if you want the Sinch disk, a recommended accessory for this… accessory, it is an additional $5.99. That means you are in for over $25 for something that holds your headphones in place. I am all for spending money on accessories that enhance your devices or your experience of using your devices but that seems like quite a bit to me.

You can check out the Sinch on the company website.

MSRP: $15.99 (Sinch Disk is an additional $5.99)

What I Like: Can help solve corded tangle issues; Magnets are super strong; Cute promo content on the website

What Needs Improvement: Way more expensive that I think the market will accept

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