Kindle Case Review: WanderFolio for Kindle 3

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(Part 3 of 3)

In part 1 of this 3 part review series we looked at the Speck FitFolio. In part 2 we looked at the Speck BookShield. In this third and final part of the series we will look at the Speck WanderFolio for Kindle 3. Think of the WanderFolio as the big brother of the FitFolio, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this case is all about. Let’s take a closer look, since this is the most intricate and useful of the three cases we are reviewing.

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From Speck:

Keep your money, cards, ID and other personal items safely stashed away with WanderFolio, Speck’s protective tri-fold travel case for Kindle 3. The form-fit hard-shell cradle keeps your Kindle 3 protected and securely in place, so it doesn’t slip or slide, even when the cover is folded back and held in one hand.The vegan leatherette book-style cover unsnaps to reveal clever, hideaway pockets for your cash, cards, ID and more. A two-way bungee cord keeps the cover closed and secure when not in use, and can also hold the cover back when folded open. An elastic wrist strap can be used for extra-secure usage, or tucked neatly inside. Excellent for a train commute with your Kindle!

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Protective tri-fold travel case for Kindle

Tri-fold design features 4 card-sized pockets and 2 passport-sized pockets

Protective padded cover with custom-fit cradle to hold your Kindle in place

Elastic wrist strap can be worn loosely or wrapped around the spine for a firmer hold

Two-way bungee cord keeps case closed or secures cover to back of case

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When you open the WanderFolio for Kindle 3 and pop the device in place it looks just like the FitFolio. The “tray” for holding the Kindle in place is exactly the same. The materials used in making the case are the same. The elastic for keeping the case closed when you are not using the Kindle is also the same. Yes, this is the FitFolio except… it is not.

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Unsnap the left side of the WanderFolio, and you’ll discover that this is a tri-fold case rather than a bi-fold like the FitFolio.

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Once you pop the Kindle in place you’ll have two more sections and can keep an assortment of cards, notes, cash or other relatively thin items there.

A snap ensures that the two “storage” sections stay closed until you want to use them. Bright colors delineate where the storage pockets are.

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And when you close the WanderFolio you have what looks like a FitFolio from the front.

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But from the side you will see that it is a bit thicker.

This design is excellent as it lets you keep a number of items with you without the need for a separate wallet or card case. It does add some thickness and weight but in my experience it has not been unwieldy.

So which of the three new Speck Kindle 3 cases am I using? I’m sticking with the WanderFolio and here’s why. As I noted in part 1 of this 3 part review, I use my Kindle when I am officiating weddings. Before the wedding I take a .pdf of the service, customize it for that couple, add in my thoughts/talk, and then add the .pdf to the Kindle. It works well, and is especially helpful when the wedding takes place outside. Inevitably there is something I forget or some note I need to jot down right before the wedding begins. The WanderFolio lets me keep notecards right there with the Kindle so I can take down any last-minute changes or additions. It is, in fact, exactly what I have been looking for, and while I know this is a rather unusual use scenario for the Kindle 3, I have no doubt that a case like this will be useful in many different ways. At $39.95 it is definitely worth consideration… even if you don’t use your Kindle for weddings.

You can learn more or order yours here in the Speck website.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Everything I liked about the FitFolio PLUS extra storage; Not too bulky despite providing the added storage

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, I just wish I had found this before I purchased the pricy Cole Haan case!

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