Kindle Case Review: Speck FitFolio for Kindle 3

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(Part 1 of 3)

As much as I love my iPad, and I do, there are some tasks for which it just isn’t right. For example, have you ever tried using your iPad in bright sunlight? It stinks. That’s where a simple eReader like the Kindle comes in. It is small, light and it is easy to read in even the brightest sunlight. Better still, at just over $100 it is relatively inexpensive. That means were it to be lost or stolen the hit would be far smaller than if that were to happen to my $829 iPad. As a result, my Kindle gets used whenever we are on a beach vacation. It also gets used if I am reading in bed. Finally, while I use the iPad for much of my rabbinic work, when I am officiating at a wedding or baby naming the Kindle, thanks to its small size, light weight and clear screen, is my device of choice.

When I first bought my Kindle 3 I splurged on a Cole Hahn leather case that cost almost as much as the device itself. It wasn’t the smartest purchase I have ever made, but the soft, luxurious leather is a pleasure to hold and it truly makes the Kindle feel like I am holding a book.

Now Speck has released some new cases for the Kindle 3 (among other eReaders), and one of the three we were sent for review has knocked my leather case off its throne. In this three-part review we’ll take a look at each of them and then discuss which one is my “keeper” and why.

First up is the Speck FitFolio for Kindle 3.

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From Speck:

FitFolio is a Kindle 3 case that combines the fit of a precision-molded hard shell case, with the cover-to-cover protection in a book-style folio. The form-fit hard-shell cradle keeps your Kindle 3 securely in place, so it doesn’t slip or slide, even when the cover is folded back and held in one hand. A vegan leatherette book-style cover protects the Kindle 3 screen when it’s in your bag or your jacket pocket. The cover is lined with super-soft padded microsuede and is held securely in place with a small bungee cord


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Features and Specs:

Custom-fit polycarbonate cradle securely holds your Kindle 3 in place

Two-way bungee cord keeps this Kindle 3 case closed

FitFolio cover is made of padded polyurethane around a sturdy paperboard base

Dimensions: 0.625″ x 5.125″ x 7.75″

Weight: 4.7 oz

Materials: Paper Board & Polyurethane (PU) & Polycarbonate (PC)

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I love when companies use terms like “vegan leatherette” to describe the material used in an accessory’s construction. At least in the specs Speck comes clean and calls it what it is noting, “FitFolio cover is made of padded polyurethane around a sturdy paperboard base”. In other words the FitFolio is made of synthetic materials. That might be an issue except for the fact that the FitFolio looks and feels great. The bright colors pop, the case feels good and it offers nice protection without adding too much weight or bulk to the Kindle. That is a good thing since the Kindle’s light weight and small form are among its selling points when compared to using a tablet as an eReader.

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I hate cases that hold a device in place with elastic corner straps. They look terrible and get in the way. Fortunately Speck didn’t go that route when they were designing the FitFolio. Instead they created a case that has…

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…a small bucket or cradle into which the bottom of the Kindle fits and…

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…a clip at the top that locks the Kindle into place.

It is a superb system that securely holds the device yet does not get in the way in the least.

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The result is that the FitFolio fits the Kindle perfectly and the two become a seamless unit with an innovative closure method that uses elastic to keep it closed. (At least they would be a seamless unit if they were the same color.)

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Speaking of color, the Speck FitFolio comes in a number of colors including, Aubergine, Black, Peacock and Red.

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Other than the color it is exactly the same.

If you are looking for a case for the Kindle 3 that protects the entire device, doesn’t add a tremendous amount of bulk or weight, holds the Kindle securely and is a pleasure to hold you can get much better than the FitFolio. I’m impressed by the case’s design and, other than the fact that I would only use the Black version of it, can’t really find any faulty with it.

You can find details, check out more pictures and order yours here on the Speck website.

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: Nice fit; minimalistic design; Protects the back, sides and screen; Excellent method for securing the Kindle in place

What Needs Improvement: Not the case for people who love natural materials

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  1. i’ve been wondering about this. kindles are quite cheap and putting them into a case doesn’t seem worth it. besides, in the case the kindle becomes substantially thicker and it becomes harder to stuff in your bag when on the move.

  2. Looks like a nice full coverage case that adds minimal bulk but still protects the whole Kindle. I currently use the Speck Dust Jacket but it adds a bit of bulk since it is larger then the Kindle all the way around.

  3. I just purchased this case for my new Kindle 4 (keyboard version). I spent a few hours in stores looking at the various Kindle covers, and finally chose this one. I couldn’t be more satisfied! It adds very little bulk to the Kindle, just enough to make it more comfortable to hold with one hand. As for protection, it is ideal! The back section is made of molded, yet flexable plastic. It holds the Kindle by a shallow pocket on the bottom and a molded in flexable clip at the top. You just slide the bottom into the pocket, and push down on the top until it gently, but firmly snaps into place. The inside of the front cover is molded to the exact shape of the keyboard and screen recess. What I really like about this cover is that the corners of the Kindle are completely protected. The only area of the Kindle that is exposed while the cover is closed is the buttons and ports on the bottom; and even they are recessed for protection. The faux leather is superb. To summarize, this is a thin minimalist cover providing maximum protection.

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