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September 30, 2011 • Music Diary, News

Pop Goes the Music Diary: How Hot is Dubstep? Cereal Commercial Hot!

If you haven’t heard of the musical sub-genre ‘dubstep’, or artists like Deadmau5, Tiesto, Skrillex, and so on … I have a suggestion:


Seriously, this no-words-needed, drum & bass inspired techno dance show electronic style of music is all the rage with kids, to the point where I was only slightly surprised to see the dubstep-heavy Wheetobix commercial from the UK.

Apparently the song used for the video is called ‘Its a New World’ and is by Mord Fustang.

In full disclosure, my younger son is a full-on dubstep fan, and saved his summer yardwork money to buy a ticket to see Skrillex … so I know all of this stuff all too well!

Source: Buzzfeed

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