Arrested Development Lives!

Arrested Development Lives!

Does hearing “Final Countdown” make you laugh uncontrollably? Do you see Mae Whitman on “Parenthood” and immediately ask “Her?” Can you explain the concept of a “never nude”? If you answered yes, you’re clearly a fan of the short-lived but brilliant “Arrested Development” tv show. If not…it’s on Hulu. Go stream it and then come back.

You’re back! Great. So no doubt you’re bitter it only had 3 seasons of incest jokes, model homes, hook hands, and frozen bananas. There have been rumors for a long time about a potential “Arrested Development” movie, but nothing concrete. However, according to TMZ we’re going to get a shortened 4th season AND a movie!

And remember, there’s ALWAYS MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND!:

Are you as excited as I am to hear the phrase “On the next ‘Arrested Development'” once more? Share your favorite episodes and quotes below!

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