Android Market Defaulting to Secondary Account? It’s Not Just You!

Android Market Defaulting to Secondary Account? It's Not Just You!

Do you have Android phone/tablet and have two different GMail accounts linked up to your Android Market accounts? Or just have both GMail addresses on your Android device? Well, if you do and have tried to access the Android Market recently, chances are that you have seen some sort of ‘please login’ message, or seen far fewer apps on your ‘My Apps’ list than usual.

That is because according to many users (myself included), since the last update Android Market seems to frequently (but not always) default to your secondary account.

Also, many folks seeing this are looking for solutions and coming across a version 3.1.6 of the Android Market to download install … only it doesn’t look like it is a real release. According to a Twitter post, there are significant differences in the ‘signing’ of the file, making it suspicious and not a good choice to download.

For now the best thing is to be aware that if you see only 2 apps or something else strange, just change to your primary GMail account and you should be all set. I have found it to be very sporadic – I discovered it on my smartphone and then this weekend I had constant issues with my Android tablet, but this morning i had no issues on my phone … and then suddenly I did.

Have you noticed this issue?

Source: Reddit

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