Music Diary Notes: Rdio Launches Ad-Free On-Demand Service! [Update]

Music Diary Notes: Rdio Launches Ad-Free On-Demand Service! [Update]

MAJOR UPDATE: initial indications were that Rdio Free allowed access from their mobile app (including the blog talking about signing up for Free from the mobile apps), but that is NOT the case! That is a HUGE difference … And while Rdio Free is cool, this difference makes the service an ‘also ran’ rather than a game changer.

A couple of weeks ago MOG introduced ‘FreePlay’, which allowed you unlimited free music streaming based on a ‘tank’ system. As you shared and recommended music, you would refill your tank to give yourself more listening hours for the month.

Now Rdio has stepped up with their own free version – and based on an early look it is very similar to what MOG is offering, which is great for customers.

Here is how it is described on the Rdio blog:

Some of the best things in life are free, and starting today, Rdio is one of them. New Rdio users in the US can take advantage of many of our popular features for free, including streaming full songs without hearing a single ad — a meter at the top of your profile will show you how much free music you have each month.

If you’re a Web subscriber you get unlimited music from and our Desktop apps. In addition, Unlimited subscribers can enjoy unlimited music from any of Rdio’s mobile apps as well.

An email address or Facebook account is all you need to start listening for free, and no application downloads or credit cards are required. Just sign up at or through one of our mobile apps to get started. Now anyone can easily discover, play and share music, and make playlists with friends.

Spotify currently has a 6 months ‘open’ mode, which is better than the previous Free mode, but it lacks the reward system and is really the worst of the services available in the U.S.

MOG and Rdio offer great Free systems that reward you from socially supporting the services and music on Facebook and so on.

For me the big advantage is mobile access – that is a huge part of on-demand listening for myself and many others. Mobile is the ‘carrot’ that is used to get people to move from free listeners to paid subscribers. And as noted previously, both services offer great selections and mobile apps.

Head to Rdio and check it out – see if the Free mode meets your needs!

Oh, and since I just can’t get R.E.M. out of my head from seeing ‘Rdio Free’ … I’m going to inflict it upon you once again!

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