Music Diary Notes: MOG Introduces FreePlay!

Music Diary Notes: MOG Introduces FreePlay!

One of the reasons that Spotify became so popular was … well, because it was FREE. From a PC, with some ads, you could listen to just about anything you wanted to hear. Of course, over the last couple of years Spotify has dramatically trimmed their offerings for free users and put on ever-increasing restrictions to move them to paid subscribers.

Now MOG has introduced a free model called ‘FreePlay’, that isn’t just better than anything Spotify has offered, it is simply a brilliant way to deal with a free usage model!

Here is the announcement and details from their blog:

In our quest to provide the most awesome music experience for music lovers nationwide, we’re launching a free, ad-supported version of our award-winning music service later today, for listeners who are new to MOG to get a taste of our high quality audio, 12 million song catalog, and awesome customizable MOG Radio. The free version will be ad-free for the first 60 days so users can enjoy the experience without any distractions.

How does it work?

Free listeners on MOG start with a robust, refillable “gas tank” full of music visibly integrated into the service, called FreePlay. Built upon sophisticated game mechanics, the tank enables users to earn free music in perpetuity, simply by listening, sharing with friends, making playlists, and exploring MOG.

At launch, we’ll allow users to earn more free music by making friend referrals and creating and sharing playlists. MOG will also “surprise and delight” users with more free music based on their usage and engagement.

The service is designed so that the more you listen, share and explore the service, the more free music you’ll earn. We’ll continue to expand the ways in which users can earn more free music. (MOG’s free service is only available on the web.)

How does one sign up?

Free listeners who navigate to MOG for the first time will be able to click Facebook Connect (FC) to instantly listen to music (and enjoy MOG’s personalized recommendations based on Artist likes by the listener and their friends). Listeners can also opt to create an account without using FC. Free listening is near-seamless as new users will not be blocked by a credit card wall, nor will listeners need to download an installable client.

What does this mean for current subscribers?

While we’re thrilled by this new way to enable everyone to use MOG, it doesn’t replace the awesomeness of MOG’s subscription plans. Basic subscribers have web, desktop client for Mac, LG Internet connected TVs, and Roku access. Primo subscribers enjoy MOG’s award-winning mobile apps for iPhone and Android, as well as Sonos & Boxee and all platforms included in the Basic plan. The ability to take your music everywhere you go is one of MOG’s biggest values!

We also think our subscribers will enjoy how easy it will be for them to share albums and playlists with the people in their lives who are not subscribers after our free service launches. After all, music sounds better when it’s shared!

I have written repeatedly about how much my family and I love MOG, and how both MOG and Rdio make Spotify look decidedly ‘meh’. But this move benefits EVERYONE. My kids will have their own accounts as well as access to the family account – and from their own they can maximize their ‘tank’ using social media they already are heavily involved with.

This heavy usage will get more people on-board and more recommendations and playlists and activity … which will bring in even more folks! And you are directly rewarded for being an active user – and by being an active user you benefit MOG and the music publishers and artists! Like I said – everyone wins!

What do you think about this latest move? If you’ve been on the fence, will this get you to try a subscription service? Let us know!

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