Using a Touchscreen Device in the Cold? Thumbs Dogs Are for You!


BRRRRRRR!!!!! It’s cold out! (Okay, not so much since it is going to be 66 degrees and sunny today in NJ.) Still, we’ve already been hit with winter weather, and there is more to come in the next months. That’s a problem for any of us who use touchscreen devices. Sure, there are gloves that are designed to work with touchscreens,  but they tend to be a bit pricy and the styles offered tend to be limited. Besides, most of us in the northeast already have more than a few pair of gloves around.Why buy more when you don’t have to? That’s where Thumb Dogs come in. Thumb Dogs let you turn pretty much any pair of gloves into a pair of touchscreen compatible gloves.

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From the Company:

ThumbDogs were created so you don’t have to take off your gloves when you want to use your digital device – smartphone, GPS, e-reader, gaming console, ATMs, e-tablets, cameras, etc. With ThumbDogs you can keep on your favorite, comfortable pair of gloves. Just slip some ThumbDogs over your existing glove tips and stay warm, stylish and connected.

ThumbDogs come in two versions: Touchscreen and Keypad. ThumbDogs Touchscreen come as a set of 4: two thumbs, two pointers. A special conductive material on the tips enable you to interact with your smartphone. They retail for $12.99 plus shipping. ThumbDogs Keypad come as a set of 2: two thumbs. A special nub at the tip of the glove enables you to tap the buttons on your mobile device. They retail for $9.99 plus shipping. [Coming Soon!]

So easy to use – just slip them over your glove tips, pull tight and start connecting.

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I opened a pair of the Thumb Dogs Touchscreen and was pleased to find four Thumb Dogs waiting. While you can put all four on (two thumbs and two fingers) I suspect that I’ll just use one at a time. After all, thanks to Siri I don’t really need to do much thumb typing on my iPhone 4S anymore.

I found that the Thumb Dogs work exactly as advertised.

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You can easily launch apps or sweep from one screen to the next and, unlike some styli and special touchscreen items, I didn’t find myself having to put much pressure on the screen to make it respond.

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In fact, I found that I was able to do a good job of manipulating the screen in a rather delicate manner. The screen was so responsive while using the Thumb Dogs that I was able to grab and hold a page in the Kindle app while the animation had it “turning” from one page to the next.

If you have gloves you love and use a touchscreen device, Thumb Dogs are a great option to keep using both all the way through the winter. And just in time I suspect …Something tells me this is going to be a long one.

You can learn more and order yours here on the Thumb Dogs site.

MSRP: $12.99

What I Like: Let you use your touchscreen device while still wearing your favorite gloves; comes four to a set

What Needs Improvement: Time will tell if they stay in place over an extended period or get pulled off and lost somewhere along the way

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