We’ll Be Trying Partial Feeds for Two Weeks

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We'll Be Trying Partial Feeds for Two Weeks Listen to this article

We'll Be Trying Partial Feeds for Two Weeks

Hey all, I wanted to give you a heads up that we are going to be experimenting with partial feeds for two weeks. Obviously if you usually come to the Gear Diary site to read our articles, you won’t notice anything different. Those who read us on RSS will notice a “(read more here…)”  tag at the bottom the now truncated posts.

I don’t particularly like partial feeds, but I need to see if using them takes care of  some of the anomalies that I’ve been noticing.

Thank you for your patience while we try to figure this out, and if you want to give me pros or cons for either partial or full feeds, please feel free to post a comment.  =)


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