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The guys at Unlimited Case recently released another custom designed case to their ever growing line up of products for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.

The Snaztech Phantom, for the iPhone 3G/3G S,  is a frosted case that comes in two colors, Artic White and Glacier Blue.

Unlimited Case was kind enough to send me a Glacier Blue case for review.

Click through to see how the Phantom stacks up.

I’m a big fan of minimalist style cases.  I like to keep my iPhone in my front pants pockets and therefore prefer cases that do no add a considerable amount of bulk to the phone.

The Phantom falls in to the “back-cover” category of cases, meaning it protects the back of the phone and not much else.  If you don’t require much in the way of shock or impact protection and are looking for a case that simply shields the back of your phone from items in your purse, briefcase or pants pocket, this style of case works quite well.

What makes the Phantom different from all the other back-cover style cases is it’s feel.

Instead of a the slippery plastic used by many cases the Phantom’s back features a rubberized coating that offers a tremendous amount of grip when it’s held in the hand.


Where the outside of the case is rubbery the inside is smooth and sleek.  High polished plastic insures that the inside of the case won’t scratch that precious back portion of the phone you’re working so hard to protect.


Some cases choose to protect part of the chrome bezel.  In my opinion this leaves an unfinished look.  I prefer an all or nothing approach and the Phantom does not protect any of the chrome which does allow you to show it off but also leaves it exposed to potential hazards.


The top of the case features a generous cut out and leaves you with full access to the SIM card try, power button and headset jack.


And the same is true for the bottom.  A large cut out reveals the dock connector allows this case to be docked with a third party dock and proper dock insert.


You have full access to the vibrate switch and volume rocker as well.


A large cutout on the back of the phone gives way to the camera lens.


The Snaztech Phantom is a nice balance and sleek and smooth,  It offers a good amount of grip while protecting the back of your phone in a manner that does not add much bulk.  Your Apple logo is free to be shown off as it’s viewable through the Phantom’s frosted back.

The Phantom comes in two colors, Arctic White and Glacier blue and can be ordered from the Unlimited Case web site for $12.99 which includes free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and only $4 for international.

M.S.R.P. – $12.99

What I like – slim design, great grip, smooth inside.

What I don’t like – no lay on the table design.

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