iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

“Where do you use your iPad?” That’s one of the key questions you need to answer before you can make the right choice with regard to what case you buy and what accessories you order. If, however, your answer to the question “Where do you use your iPad?” is something like “Everywhere!” or you simply don’t want to make a choice, there’s a great option for you. The modulR system lets you use you iPad on the go, at home, in the car and everywhere in between. It might not be the most refined iPad accessory/case you can find but it certainly is one of the most flexible.

Let’s take a look at the review sample of the modulR Anywhere Pack.

iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

From the Company:

modulR – the most comprehensive iPad Case + Accessory System around. modulR offers more than just protection for the iPad. With a case that clicks-to-fit to an ever-expanding line of stands, mounts and straps, a modulR iPad can go anywhere and do anything. Made for the home, car, office and everywhere in between, modulR helps you get more out of the iPad.


iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

The $69.99 Anywhere Pack is “For the person who wants to take their iPad anywhere, this kit is specifically designed to fit all your different needs while allowing your iPad to never leave your side. Includes iPad 2 Case, Hand Strap, Slim Wall Mount, Shoulder Strap Pro and Car Headrest Strap.” Our review unit came in separate pieces but included everything you get in the Anywhere Pack.

The first piece of the puzzle is the Smart Cover compatible protective shell. It is a familiar design that snaps on the back of the iPad but leaves the sides open so that the Smart Cover can grab on magnetically. I continue to be a bit down on this design since it leaves the sides vulnerable, but it is a  necessary evil if you are using a Smart Cover.

A nice feature is the fact that for just $9.99 you can get a customized insert that will cover the space where the Apple logo is and replace it with whatever logo you choose. This is great if you are deploying iPads for your business or school and want them to appear “branded”. The $9.99 include shipping, and the customization is done through Cafe Press.



iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack




In with the shell was the hand strap. I’ve never felt the need to have a hand strap attached to my iPad, but I can see how it would be useful if you were using the iPad in a retail sales environment or out on a construction work site. In this promotional image you can see the key behind the system. The shell has four “buttons”, one in each corner, that are part of the case itself. That means they aren’t later additions that can easily break off. These “buttons” allow a variety of different accessories to attach to the iPad in seconds but also ensure that they are fixed tightly and won’t accidentally slip off. It isn’t the most finessed system, but it is highly effective. iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

If you want to have your iPad accessible to you at a moment’s notice but don’t feel the need to keep it in hand all the time (or you can’t keep it in hand all the time), the shoulder strap accessory is for you. Constructed of tightly woven material it attaches to the iPad with the device in both portrait and landscape and allows you to hang your iPad on your shoulder the way you would carry a messenger bag. The shoulder strap has a handle built right into it. That means once you grab the iPad and start using it you are afforded the same convenience and security that comes with the hand strap alone. iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack



I love the iPad of being able to hang the iPad on the wall in strategic places around the house and the modulR system has that covered too. The wall mount is a simple piece of plastic that comes with two screws. An indication of the thought that went into this design can be seen in the fact that it comes with adhesive so you can position the mount and double-check yourself BEFORE screwing into the wall. In addition, the screws themselves are hidden behind a cover plate so that, once the wall mount is screwed into place, all you see if the low profile plastic mount. A white mount on a white wall will be largely unnoticed unless you are looking for it specifically. iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack

The final piece of the system is the requisite HeadRest Strap. As we have noted previously, one of the markets the iPad is successfully killing is the add-on in-car entertainment up charge. Having a backseat entertainment system built into your car can add thousands of dollars. With this system you can use an iPad you already own for the same purpose and, when you reach your destination, quickly grab it and bring it along. The modulR system ensures that is it secure when used in the car but simple to remove when the time comes.  iPad Accessory Review: modulR Anywhere Pack


The modulR system for the iPad 2 isn’t going to win any awards for aesthetic finesse. The connecting points on the case itself ruin the lines of the case and the add-ons, while highly functional aren’t much better. BUT, and this is an important BUT, if you want to use your iPad on the go, are looking for the best combination of security and flexibility, and don’t want to pay a fortune for numerous accessories that were designed to work together, you can’t do much better than the modulR system. It lets you use the iPad at work, hang it on the wall at home, keep a grip on it when you walk around, hang it from your shoulder so it is available at a moment’s notice and turns your headrest into the most flexible entertainment system ever.  And it does all that with the $69.99 Anywhere Pack.

Details and ordering can be found on the company website.

MSRP: $69.99

What I Like: Flexible; Complete kits available; Makes using your iPad in a variety of settings simple and secure; Available customization of the back plate

What Needs Improvement: Not very refined; Smart Cover compatible means you lose 100% protection of the back and sides

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