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November 13, 2011 • Gear Bits

Avoid ‘Old Meme Embarrassment’ with ‘Is It Old?’

You have just been sent a LOLCat or ‘All Your Base’ by someone who honestly has no idea that EVERYONE online saw them five years ago or more, and are wondering HOW do you let them know gently that it is ancient. Well, now you can just let them know about IsItOld, a site that will check out how many times the site has been tweeted about – and how long ago it was first tweeted.

So … to test it out I fed it the classic ‘Charlie Bit Me’ YouTube video. You remember, THIS one:

And what did it say?

Spot on!

Definitely try this out on whatever cool new finds or jokes of videos you are thinking of sending out to your friends!

Source: IsItOld via GeekMom

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