ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS and Android review

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My experience with keyboards for the iPad has been rather mixed. Some keyboards and keyboard cases have worked fairly well but none have been comfortable enough and portable enough for me to carry all the time. Moreover, most of the keyboard cases I have tried have just been too bulky for daily use. After all, what is the point of having the super-thin iPad 2 if you are going to then toss it into a thick, bulky case?

The keyboards that have come closest to my wanting to carry and use them each day have been the offerings from ZAGG. For example, while I didn’t love the case that comes with the ZAGGfolio I do like the keyboard. In fact, it sits on my desk at work and has seen an increasing amount of work. At the same time, a recent update to the WordPress iOS app combined with the amazing camera on the iPhone 4S and the ability of iCloud to send new pictures right to my iPad have resulted in my doing more and more blogging from my iPad. And while I use voice recognition quite often I still find myself needing to do a fair bit of typing. translation I am still in need of a good, light, flexible keyboard that I can toss in my bag and carry with me. It is for that reason that ZAGG’s new ZAGGkeys FLEX caught my eye. It is small, light, portable and its case turns into a stand for the iPad. It even works with Android devices, although the Amazon Kindle fire need not apply thanks to its lack of Bluetooth.

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Here’s the Hype:

The ZAGGkeys FLEX is a high tech Bluetooth wireless keyboard, ideal for use anywhere.

Smart Stand: The one-of-a-kind stand brings function to a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere and doubles as a keyboard cover.

Portability and Charging: The ZAGGkeys FLEX is sleek, lightweight, and portable, with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides months of use between charges.

Customized Key Functions: Special function keys operate the most essential features of your device directly from the keyboard.

Island-style Keys: Island-style keys are engineered to provide maximum typing room.

Enhanced Gadget Experience: The ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard brings out the best in tablet computers and smartphones, enhancing the convenience and function of portable devices.

Versatile: The ZAGGkeys FLEX is versatile and can be used interchangeably with the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices, Galaxy Tabs, Android devices, and some smartphones.

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And here’s our video look…



Length: 9.4 inches (242 mm)
with Smart Stand: 9.4 inches (242 mm)

Width: 4.8 inches (120 mm)
with Smart Stand: 5.0 inches (127 mm)

Height: .65 inches (12 mm)
with Smart Stand: 0.75 inches (17 mm)

Weight: 6.3 ounces (128 grams)
with Smart Stand: 11.3 ounces (320 grams)

COMPATIBILITY: Works with Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, Galaxy Tabs, Android devices, and some smartphones

BATTERY: ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth keyboard uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery and will last several months of normal use without charging.

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I’ll let the video do the walk-through of the ZAGGkeys FLEX, so let me just put my experience into words a bit here. I like this keyboard quite a bit. It is small, light and I love the fact that the case turns into a stand for your tablet or smartphone. It is smaller than the MacBook Air keyboard (my favorite keyboard ever) but the keys aren’t too small by any stretch. The fact that they are island keys makes them easier to type on and the fact that the keys are black and the keyboard silver is a nice tip of the hat to Apple. The keys are a bit on the clickty clackty side, but it isn’t too terribly bad. I do think you will want to resort to the on-screen keyboard if you need to ensure silence while you type. Probably my biggest complaint about the keyboard is that the decals used for the letter, numbers and symbols have a shine to them that, at least with the way the light is striking them as I type this, creates a bit of an unpleasant glare. It is a small complaint, but a complaint none-the-less.

If someone were to ask me which keyboard to get to use with their iPad, I think my recommendation would be the Apple BT keyboard — assuming that size isn’t an issue, the person asking doesn’t need special iPad keys or a stand. I would recommend the ZAGGkeys FLEX for those who are looking for something small, light, and “tablet specialized” that comes with a stand.

You can get more information and order yours here on the ZAGG website.

MSRP: $79.99

What I Like: Small; Light; Case doubles as a stand; Works with iOS and Android; Portable; Decent typing experience

What Needs Improvement: Keys make some noise; Smaller than standard keys; Decals give off glare

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  1. Thanks for the review… concise and to the point. Definitely planning on getting this for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and maybe to use with my phone).


    • I think you will find it quite useful. It’s not perfect as I point out but it’s really quite good.
      Written with Siri

  2. So Dan – after reading this and your review of the ZaggKeys Solo ( … which do you prefer?

    • The flex… By far. In fact, I was using it to type yesterday quite a bit and it worked great. I like the small footprint, the easy of carrying it and the functionality it offers. I also like the fact that it is separate from the iPad, ie. does not double as a case. Some may prefer the case combo but I think this offers my flexibility of use. And, after using it a bit, the keys didn’t really feel too small.
      The stand does leave something to be desired though. It works but isn’t nearly as flexible as I would like.
      Sent from my iPad

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