Mobile Edge Has Got Your Back If You Are Worried About Privacy

Mobile Edge Has Got Your Back If You Are Worried About Privacy

Are you feeling a bit spooked by all the recent stories about how our mobile phones are transmitting our GPS data, who we are talking to, and other possibly sensitive information? Here is one solution that might help: buy a bag that has a wireless security shield.  What that means is that when your phone is placed in the pocket — even if it is turned on and otherwise fully functioning, no data, calls or GPS will be able to come or go.

Wireless Security Shield™

In an effort to help provide ultimate security for your Bluetooth enabled Cell phone and PDA, Mobile Edge introduced their exclusive Wireless Security Shield™ accessories pocket. This Zinc lined pocket has conductive fibers woven into the fabric which blocks out electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies, shielding your Bluetooth enabled Cell Phone or PDA from wireless hackers.

Another worry free benefit of the Wireless Security Shield™ is when stepping into a meeting, place your phone in the Zinc lined pocket and you don’t have to worry about your phone interrupting the meeting, calls go straight to voicemail.

This technology was originally developed by NASA and is now exclusively offered by Mobile Edge. The Wireless Security Shield™ is built into several new carrying cases we make providing fundamental security needed in today’s fast paced, unsecured, identity theft environment.

Training yourself to use the pocket may take a little time, but this is an option for those who want location-based services sometimes, but who at other times need to be completely off the grid.

Mobile Edge bags are affordably priced, well made, and now they offer something that to the best of my knowledge no other company can claim: privacy when you need it.


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