The SCOTTEVEST Women’s Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

I have a new favorite jacket, and it’s not only warm, but it’s also a stunner; say hello to the SCOTTEVEST Lola Puffer jacket.

Composed of a quilted 100% nylon shell and stuffed with 100% fluffy polyester, the Lola is soft, extremely warm (without being too heavy), and it cuts the wind on those mind-numbingly chilly days without making you feel sweaty if you are still wearing it after the afternoon warms things up. The Lola comes in three colors — Sparkle (which is a light grey), Rhapsody (a deep blue), and Fluff (a lovely white).All three jackets have a contrasting bright yellow fabric tape with a flashy silver metal zipper and zipper pull running up the middle; bright yellow fabric tape is also at the cuffs.

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The Hype:

Drum roll please….. Ladies, introducing the LOLA! Our new Soft and super comfy, great looking, lightweight and toasty-cozy jacket with 16 pockets.

Perfect for this winter season, you won’t want to walk out the door without it! Not only will it keep you warm, there are all kinds of cool pockets where you can stash your goodies – lip balm, phone, camera, gloves, credit card, and energy bars for the slopes! Snuggle your hands in special handwarmer pockets to keep from getting too cold.

Offered in three super cool colors – Sparkle (light grey), Rhapsody (blue), and Fluff (a lovely white). The interior and zip plackets are lined in contrasting yellow for a little extra pop.

I received the Lola in Rhapsody, which to my husband Kev’s utter delight, happens to be the same colors as his beloved San Diego Chargers. I’m okay with that. =)

 The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

There is absolutely no branding on the jacket’s exterior, with the exception of the new rubber SeV logo on the back of the neck. I much prefer this over the huge white logo on the right breast that other popular puffer jackets have — yes North Face, I am looking at you!

 The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The Lola has 16 different pockets, earphone collar loops, and a Personal Area Network — which are all features that make SCOTTEVEST garments stand out …

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

… but my favorite is the eyeglasses pocket with the attached chamois cloth. It is very handy!

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The Lola’s interior is a soft 100% polyester shell in bright yellow, and along with all of the side pockets, there’s a large open pocket in the jacket’s back wall – this might be a good place to stuff your gloves when things warm up.

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

All the pockets are labeled with suggested uses, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to carry and where.

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

I am really looking forward to cooler weather now; between the Chloe Hoodie and the Lola Puffer, I am set!

The SCOTTEVEST Women's Lola Puffer Jacket Review

The Women’s Lola is warm, lightweight, and comfortable; the best part is that it has all of those fabulous SeV pockets so that you can distribute and carry your necessities comfortably.

The SCOTTEVEST Lola Puffer Jacket is available directly from SeV. Don’t forget that SCOTTEVEST also makes the SeV Puffer Jacket for men, which Dan recently reviewed.

MSRP: $190.00

What I Like: Jacket is soft, warm, and comfortable; color combinations look great; Warmth without a bunch of bulk; Casual without being too casual;

What Needs Improvement: Nothing! I love this jacket! =)

Here’s something cool; as I was writing this email an email came in from Scott. SeV has been named to Internet Retailer magazine’s Hot 100 List: “their top picks of the most innovative online companies for the previous year.” Congrats Scott and Laura; you have earned it!

KETCHUM, ID, December 1, 2011 – Each year, Internet Retailer magazine waits until December to name their Hot 100 List: their top picks of the most innovative online companies for the previous year.  Innovative, profitable and cool, the trajectory of the companies featured on the Hot 100 is sharp enough to carry them through the next twelve months as leaders in the e-commerce field.  While many of the companies are household names, like and Netflix, this year there is a surprising new addition: multi-pocketed clothing brand SCOTTEVEST (listing here).

SCOTTEVEST (also referred to as SeV) is a relative new-comer, although they have been selling their own line of gadget-friendly clothing to travelers, photographers, special ops and road warriors for ten years, and were the first clothing brand to be successfully launched online.  SeV found itself on Internet Retailer’s radar earlier this year when they received a Second 500 award for e-comm sites.  IR magazine now frequently turns to SeV for insights on trends like innovative shipping/returns policies and connecting with customers via Live Chat, and as a benchmark for the effectiveness of Cyber Monday deals.

Scott Jordan, CEO & Co-Founder of SeV, remarked, “SCOTTEVEST appearing on the Internet Retailer Hot 100 for 2012 is one of the proudest moments of my career.  It ends an incredible year on a high note.  We started 2011 with triple-digit growth, a lot of attention from VCs, and were noted by INC. Magazine as the #77 fastest growing consumer products and services company in America.  And this was before we were featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America several times!  My team is very appreciative of the honor, and we feel challenged to continue to grow and become as well known as some of the others on the list.”

SCOTTEVEST continues to expand their product offerings through the holiday season and into 2012.  They have recently doubled the number of items in their women’s line, with Laura Jordan, President and Co-Founder, stepping in front of the camera for the first time to represent the new direction in women’s products.  Her debut appears in the newly-released SeV Winter 2011 Catalog, viewable here, along with the many new products offered by SCOTTEVEST.

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  1. You look fantastic! The Lola Puffer is so amazing and you make it look even better!! It’s the perfect jacket from freezing Idaho to warmer Texas.. this is a win! 

  2. Truly some great new styles from SCOTTEVEST this fall. And yes, as Scott says, you look great in it Judie.
    Written with Siri

  3. Puff Dan and Puff Judie? 😉

    Looks like a 7″ tablet might fit in the, er, Nook(TM) and cranny of the left lower pocket.

  4. Nice, Bryan. 😉 And yes, you can fit a nook or Kindle on the left side. =)

  5. The jacket is too puffy for you Judie; it needs a slimmer waistline. The trenchcoat has a much better cut in comparison.

  6. This was a large. I agree that it was a little bigger than necessary, and I have a medium on its way. I love the style, just think this one was a little too big. =)

  7. Judie always looks good in SeV.  😉

    Got my Rev Plus with me today as it was a bit chilly this morning.

  8. I like the pockets, but the jacket’s color, texture and style is hideous. They need a new designer

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