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December 7, 2011 • Reviews

Kammock Roo, a Kickstarter Project Quick Look


Gear Diary is a big fan of Kickstarter, and we have supported a number of different projects in the last year or so. One of them was the Kammock Roo, a new take on the hammock. The project was fully funded and our “rewards” came a few weeks ago. Judie is waiting to give the two she bought as gifts, but I brought mine with me on vacation. Here’s a quick video overview and some pictures.


Here’s Judie and her ever-present Diet Coke… a video look follows after the break.



The Kammock Roo is great for both sitting and laying down. When laying down the material can completely envelop you like a giant coccoon. When you position your body the right way however you can lay comfortable and have the Kammock cover you and protect you from the sun.


The “drink holder”. Okay, actually this is the bag for the Kammock Roo, but it CAN double as a drink holder.


The Python straps make it easy to attach the Kammock Roo to any tree.


MSRP: The Roo (that is, the actual hammock) is $99 while the Python Straps are $29

What We Like: Well made; Easy to use; Comfortable; Flexible; Cool

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, this is an awesome product

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