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December 22, 2011 • Rants and Raves

Amazon Reminds Google … ‘Um, We OWN This Whole Mega-Deal Thing’ …

I should have known better than to rush into buying music on Google. As I say repeatedly, they have the absolute worst music service bar none. Yet that old siren song of ‘great music, low prices’ lulled me into not checking Amazon. BIG MISTAKE.

On Google I got the music, can play it on my PC or Android phone, and download it one … track … at … a … time. And THEN manually import it into iTunes. And THEN fix the FUBAR MP3 info and tags, because Google can’t even manage that 2002 level of technology.

Had I gone to Amazon, I would have gotten the same price and all of my music could be played from the cloud – or just downloaded and auto-inserted into iTunes properly.

And, of course, because Google failed to properly launch their music service, instead choosing a poorly thought out half-supported system, that means that when I looked for the new Greg Ward Phonic Juggernaut (his 2010 recording was awesome, and his work on Sam Trapchak’s record was stellar) … I ended up on Amazon anyway.

So before you reward Google for their crappy music service, head here and check out the loads of great deals on a much larger array of $1.99 – $4.99 albums!, or head here for the amazing list of $5 albums!

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