iOS, Android and Windows Phone – Where is the Market Headed? An Open Discussion

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iOS, Android and Windows Phone - Where is the Market Headed? An Open Discussion Listen to this article

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Judie and I both got HTC Titans the other day and have jumped into using them. Our initial thoughts? We both like them… a lot! We’ve been discussing a great deal of this behind the scenes. One discussion began with my posting

So I really have to say that I am loving the hell out of the HTC Titan (even with its now slightly dented corners):-] I’m still learning how to get around but it is polished, tight, and a pleasure to use. Best onscreen keyboard ever! No matter how good the hardware o do t think I would like an Android phone long term. Not do here. It needs more apps but Microsoft killed it with the OS.

It sparked a lot of private discussion that we will share soon. In the meantime Mike wrote/asked…

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Along the WP7 lines … here is my topic for debate: Android has almost no inherent loyalty base, and if WP7 and Nokia gets traction, we will see Android plummet almost as fast as RIM, while iOS hold happy at ~28%.

Thoughts and comments?

I replied:
IF people are making an educated choice I think this is rather insightful. But that is a big IF. The biggest thing that might stand in the way is the reason the Kindle Fire is a hit- price. (Sorry Fire fanboys and girls but I really think that is true.) WP devices are not going to be free on contract and time soon but the number of android devices that are free on contract will be huge. That might stand in the way, at least for a time.
IF consumers are smart however the real competition a few years from now will be between iOS and WP and it will be one of those happy and rare situations where there isn’t a bad choice.

It was then that it became clear this was a great topic for discussion so… discuss…

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