OpenLabs Brings Loads of New Features In Music OS 3.1 Update!

OpenLabs Brings Loads of New Features In Music OS 3.1 Update!

Open Labs makes products I drool over – they incorporate full-spec Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 computers (some with keyboards) into their music production systems … and they are priced in accordance to their monster capabilities!

One thing that has grown out of the awesome hardware and software they make is a product called ‘Music OS’ – a program with so many features and such flexible modularity it goes beyond the capabilities of most music apps. Now at NAMM 2012 Open Labs annouced a major new update:

SoundCloud™ Direct Integration – With SoundCloud undoubtedly the ‘cloud standard’ for millions of online music creators, Music OS projects and session files can now easily be rendered and uploaded directly to all SoundCloud user accounts. Posting songs to the world from the studio or stage has never been easier!

OL VST Suite Library – Music OS 3.1 delivers its first suite of VST instruments and effects for music creation and performance. 5 instruments including Dubstar™, a bass synth designed for dubstep wobble and deep bass tones. BUMP™, a straight forward drum module complete with Open Labs “bump” sample library. IDM™, a creative synth for modulating soundscapes and atmospheric swells. OL Remix™ allows you to load an audio sample and chop, screw, and rearrange the beat. 10 VST effects for midi devices or incoming audio signals including Reverb, Chorus, Delay, EQ, Distortion, Filter, Compressor, Limiter, Looper, and more.

True 64 Bit Application – Music OS 3.1 takes full advantage of today’s powerful 64Bit hardware and software operating systems. With unbridged 64Bit technology, larger files, projects and VST’s can be loaded and handled more efficiently throughout the creation and performance process. Music OS 3.1 also allows backwards compatibility for 32Bit users.

The update is available immediately, and is free for all Music OS 3.0 users. The software itself costs $299, which is inexpensive for a program with these capabilities. Head to Open Labs for more information on buying or upgrading!

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