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I deal with the same battery scenario at least twice a week. When we have game nights, I go hours without a chance to charge my iPhone. There is no charging port in our buses and really never anywhere in a gym or field for me to charge during the games. Of course road games are extra tough since I listen to music or podcasts during the trip to and from our opponent. That is a lot of use with no power and usually a late night. Take this past Friday for example. We left the school at 1:45 in the afternoon and I walked into my house at 1:30am. All of that time without the opportunity to plug my phone into a wall or auto charger. Luckily, I was in the middle of testing the Seidio Charging Vault for review and had it along for the trip. Read on to see how it fared.

The Seidio Charging Vault is a portable charging solution like I had not seen before. The tiny box doubles as a wall charger as well as a portable charger. The vault sports a sleek design and only measure 2 2/4″ wide by 3 1/8″ long and about 3/4″ thick. The unit looks much larger in the photos than it really is. It is probably too large to carry comfortably in your pocket, but slips into a coat pocket or bag easily. As you can see, the design is simple. Black plastic with a silver rim makes the Charging Vault look modern and attractive. Operation is simple with only one button.

When near a power resource, simply plug the vault in to the wall jack and use to charge up to two USB devices at a time. While it is plugged in, a battery will be charging inside the unit. Four blue lights act as a battery indicator on the top. When plugged in, they will blink and slowly light up all four lights when fully charged. If it is not connected to a power source, pressing the button will light up the indicators again showing the available power level. I had no problem charging two devices at once while plugged in. It basically worked just like any other dual USB charger. The power prongs do fold down to safely tuck away for portability.

The Seidio Charging Vault comes complete with two retractible cables. One is for iOS devices and the other has two micro-USB fittings. Any USB cord will work with the vault, so do not worry if you lose one or have a different size. I do like the retractible cables since they are so portable and do not get tangled. Basically, this thing can charge virtually any smartphone on the market.

I charged the vault prior to my trip on Friday and brought the needed cables plus an extra iPhone cable. As we began the trip home I plugged in my phone and pushed the button. Make sure you press the button in order to turn on the charging feature. The blue lights will turn on and the device will show that it is charging. One of the other coaches asked me if I had an iPhone battery because he was just about out of juice. We plugged his phone into the other USB and voila, both phones were charging! We were both impressed with how fast a charge was added compared to some other external batteries I have used. He needed to use his phone so did not charge to full, but had plenty to get home on. I left mine until the vault ran out of battery power and went from 48% to 97%. My fellow coach asked where he can get one and said he was definitely going to purchase one.

The Seidio Charging Vault is a simple yet sleek gadget. I have always carried separate wall charges for my devices and various types of external batteries. While each of those products work well, having the ability to carry one tiny box and charging cables is much easier. Now, I can charge any two devices at a time while I am near power and use the same product to get a charge on the road. Portable and convenient! If you have any issues with needing battery power, The Sedio charging Vault is a perfect solution. I already had one friend who needs to buy one and I would recommend to any of the others.

Seidio Charging Vault

MSRP: $49.95

What I like: The ability to charge two devices simultaneously connected to the wall and while on the go with one device is awesome!

What can be improved: The only thing I would like to add to mine is a small bag to carry the device plus a couple of charging cords.

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