iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

Yes, it is true! Country boys do have tech gear and iPhones! In fact, as you will see with the Gear Diary Outdoors series, gear and the outdoors are actually a wonderful match. We use camo gear for just about everything. Of course, I mostly use it when hunting, but it is also a bit of a style for us outdoors nuts. It really is something you only understand if you live in the country and live that lifestyle. I by all means do not run around in full camo gear all of the time, but some items are fun and stylish to use daily. Case Mate has produced some cases which perfectly fit the bill for those of us who love to hunt and fish by using designs from Real Tree camouflage as well as some of your favorite animals. After the review find out how to win one of the Case Mate Tough Case With Realtree Designs used in this post!

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

All of the 11 Realtree designs are available on a wide range of Case-Mate products, but I will be focusing on the iPhone 4/4S Tough Case, which is what they sent for review. The Tough Case is a two part protection solution with an inner silicone case and an outer shell. Once the silicone sock is installed, the phone snaps into the outer hard case for maximum protection. The designs that you choose will be on the outer plastic layer and the inside silicone layer is black.

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

The inner lined silicone case is super thin and light. By itself, there would not be enough protection for the device, so please use the case as intended. Since this piece is just part of the entire solution, it is thin and easy to take on and off. There are adequate holes for the charger, headphone jack, camera and mute switch. The volume rocker and lock buttons are covered but still completely usable. The face of the iPhone will be protected to a degree as the silicone piece forms a large enough ridge to keep it from landing on the face of the glass. This feature is actually a pre-requisite for any case I use with my iPhone. After all, what is the point of using case if I can still lay my phone face down on a table and destroy it!

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

The phone plus silicone liner easily slips into the plastic outer shell of the case. I found the easiest way to install is to place the volume rocker in the correct spot and push down the opposite side. This ensures a tight fit between the two pieces that will not require any later adjustments. To remove the phone you simply hold the top or bottom corners of the plastic piece firmly and slide the top or bottom out of the case. The Realtree designs on each case are what I would call high-definition images . They look great and have no imperfections that I could identify. The finish is glossy and the plastic is extremely smooth.

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

Using the two pieces together provides a great degree of protection. The silicone sleeve fits snuggly into the plastic shell and I experienced no slipping or movement once they were correctly connected. The plastic outer shell provides a rigid level of protection, while the inside layer provides shock absorption from an unfortunate drop. All of the buttons and switches are easily accessible and I had no issue using any of my charging cords or headphone/auxiliary plugs. I really hate when a case requires me to take my phone out to listen to music or charge in my vehicle. The Tough Case is light and fits in the hand comfortably. There is little bulk added to the iPhone when using the case but not too much. All in all, I plan on using the case as my daily driver since I like the design, protection level and the size.

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review

As a side note: If you plan on taking these Realtree designs out into the field, remember they are camo and designed to not be seen. If you drop it on the way to the blind or tree stand, you may not be able to see it immediately and waste precious time and risk being busted by your game animal trying to relocate it. Now wouldn’t that be a hunting story to tell!

I love the style and the protection these cases provide and am using the deer design as my daily carrier. If you are not interested in these particular designs, check out the Case Mate website here and look at the many designs available.

iPhone Cases For Country Boys! Case Mate Review


We are giving two of the cases away. Simply comment below by Wednesday February 8th on what types of outdoor gear you would like to see more information about in the Gear Diary Outdoors series. Two random winners will get a case.

Case Mate Tough Case With Realtree Designs

MSRP: $35.00

What I like: Awesome designs! The two piece protection is superior to many cases and does not add the extra weight and bulk of other similar options.

What could be improved: The smooth, glossy exterior could scratch and wear over time.

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