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I carry my iPad with me pretty much all the time. And, increasingly I find myself carrying ONLY my iPad and my smartphone during the day. I don’t carry my laptop. I don’t carry a pen or even my Livescribe Echo SmartPen. I don’t even carry an external keyboard for the iPad. And if I am going to go light I might as well carry a small, light bag. I’ve been on the hunt for something small and light that also had some style to it. So when I saw the Messenger Bag for Tablets on Sena’s website I took note. But I had some questions about it. Would it be TOO small? Would it be too heavy? Would the silver plate on the front be too big and “blingy”? Would it look too much like a murse?

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From Sena:

Carry your Tablet in sophisticated style and ultimate protection with Sena’s leather messenger bag.


Padded construction for added protection

Multi-purpose pockets and Easy- access iPhone

Concealed slip pocket under flap

Adjustable shoulder strap with custom hardware

Here’s a video look at the bag followed by some close-up pictures of it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features.

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As you can see, the leather is gorgeous. It has a bit of texture but doesn’t look, or feel, faux. Rather, the texture and imperfections are part of the leather’s grain and it adds a ton of interest. It is also surprisingly soft. Sometimes Sena uses smooth leather with a brilliant sheen – as with the Creativo iPhone pouch we recently reviewed – this is substantively different and I love it.

In this picture you can also see that the seams are tight and straight, and the hardware used to secure the shoulder strap is both strong and stylish.

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On the inside things are pretty tight. Then again, thats what this messenger is all about. One compartment is soft and protective. It is perfect for a naked iPad or even one with a Smart Cover but it is not big enough for an iPad sitting in a case. For that you need…

Geardiary sena creativo iphone 12

the opening ni front of the aforementioned iPad compartment. It WILL hold an iPad in a case (or other items). It is also good if you do want to carry a keyboard with you. And on the front section of the bag is a small, zippered compartment that is perfect for small items like headphones or keys.

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Hidden on the back is a small opening that is designed to hold a smartphone. It is a nice design feature that adds an unusual “carry-option”.

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It is perfect for an iPhone and will also hold the HTC Titan. 🙂


Geardiary sena creativo iphone 6

Sorry Sena, the logo plate on the front is way too big, far too obvious, and really a bad choice. No, it won’t keep me from using an otherwise great tablet messenger, but I sure wish you had gone the “typical Sena-route” and simply embossed the leather with your name.

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So let’s answer the questions we asked at the start:

Is it TOO small?  Yes, it is small, but that is the idea so it isn’t “too” small.

Is it too heavy?  I was worried about this one because it is made of leather but it is surprisingly light!

Is the silver plate on the front be too big and “blingy”?  Yes. it is Bad choice Sena!

Does it look too much like a murse?  It DOES look quite murse-y, but I like it enough that I don’t really care.

So that is the Sena Messenger Bag for Tablets. It is small, looks nice and has the quality build we have come to expect from Sena. If you want to travel light and really want a quality leather bag to use with it this is a great choice.

You can learn more or order one for yourself here on the Sena website.

MSRP: $149.99

What I Like: Gorgeous leather; Great construction; Special smartphone pocket on the back; Strong, bold hardware

What Needs Improvement: Small amount of storage makes this a bag with a rather specific purpose- going light; The Sena nameplate on the front is way too big

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