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February 19, 2012 • Music Diary

Skrillex Unleashes Music Video for New Single ‘Bangarang’

While Skrillex didn’t win the ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy, I doubt many would debate that his impact on popular music both directly and indirectly in 2011 was as MASSIVE as his bass drops. Suddenly everyone is putting dubstep-inspired DJ-tracks along with their songs – it looks to be the next ‘new thing’ in pop after the already tired singer/rapper collaborations that have become omnipresent the last couple of years.

Perhaps showing the influence of Daft Punk’s epic Prime Time of Your Life video, this week Skrillex uploaded
the official video for the title song of his new EP Bangarang, which has been in the iTunes Top 10 Albums since release a few weeks ago.

Here is the official music video for Bangarang:

Do you ‘get it’, like it, despise it? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. […] Skrillex – Bangarang EP (2012, Electronica / Dance): When Dubstep gains mainstream popularity, does that mean that the ‘pied piper of dubstep’ will switch to mainstream pop? Not really, but this EP is clearly a step in that direction. While Skrillex has always been more song-oriented than Deadmau5 or Daft Punk, here he leans more heavily than usual on guests to build out his songs – with mixed results. He works with Wolfgang Gartner on a rather rough track, The Doors on an overly polished track, Ellie Goulding on the most beautiful song on the EP, tour-partner 12th Planet, and more. The most consistent partner is Sirah, who joins Skrillex on two songs, including the title. There is plenty of pure dubstep, but also a solid mix of electro, house, rave and more pop-centric dance music. Nonetheless it is a satisfying an outing with enough content that it is easy to forget it is an EP.My favorite song is ‘Bangarang’, just because it is an awesome song. The video is also well worth checking out. […]

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