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February 27, 2012 • Events

The Asus Transformer Prime and PadFone Offer a New Definition of “Convergence”

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Judie is at the ASUS Press Conference in Barcelona. Right now she is listening to the CEO of ASUS. The big news here? The Asus Transformer Pad Prime and the PadFone.

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And we are REALLY talking about a transformation here …


The phone fits in the pad?! Yes, there is a “seamless transformation between phone and pad”. The PadFone can actually turn into a 10.1″ tablet by simply docking it into the optional PadFone Station.


And there is a “stylus headset”. Say what?
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Judie got a chance to spend some time with the Padfone, and we’ll have some of her impressions soon.

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Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs is now talking about the PadFone and stylus headset, and how happy they are to be part of this with Asus. Hands on coming in just a bit so make sure to check back.

Judie: The Asus press event was in an extremely small venue, so the hands-on pics reflect how crowded it was and how hard it was to get our hands on any of the devices shown!

The main thing that I took away from this press event was that Asus is pushing the limits of mobile devices, and while that is a very good thing, I also felt that the stylus headset was a bit gimmicky. The Transformer Padfone on the other hand, seems like a great all-in-one idea … albeit one that hasn’t yet been entirely successful for other brands that have tried similar all-in-one concepts; I’m thinking of last year’s Atrix, in particular. Who knows, perhaps Asus will be the company to get it right.


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  1. Dave Rosa says:

    Holy crap!!!! This looks awesome! Now THAT is creative thinking. It better be on Verizon…..

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