RIP Davy Jones, Lead Singer of The Monkees


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RIP Davy Jones, Lead Singer of The Monkees Listen to this article

RIP Davy Jones, Lead Singer of The Monkees

For a fake band, The Monkees were a huge success. Formed in 1965 as a TV-friendly pop group with the intent to release singles and offer a weekly comedy show, Brit Davy Jones joined Americans Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz as the fabricated pop group. The requirements were more about look, basic singing skills and personality – in fact none of the group played drums, which became an issue when they needed to perform live!

But the face of the Monkees during their 58-episode, 2-season TV run was Davy Jones – to the point that he ended up playing himself in a classic episode of The Brady Bunch in which Marcia over-promises her ability to deliver him to the school dance … and he later comes through for her!

Well, today we have learned that the singer and actor died at the age of 66 of a heart attack. According to CNN:

A witness told authorities he was with Jones in Indiantown, Florida, when Jones “began to complain of not feeling well and having trouble breathing,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Jones was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, authorities said.

A Martin County law enforcement source with knowledge of the case said Jones apparently suffered a heart attack.

As a remembrance, let’s watch some memorable videos of Davy Jones and The Monkees:

Here is the Monkees classic ‘Daydream Believer’

Here are some fun Monkees screen tests:

What are YOUR favorite memories of Davy Jones and The Monkees?

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