Bamboosa’s Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

Enjoying our electronic devices can, at times, be at odds with our desire to be more environmentally friendly in our daily actions. While we here at Gear Diary like our energy-consuming, heavy-metal-containing gadgets, we also appreciate having the opportunity to select gadgets and gadget accessories that are more sustainable in their approach. That’s where the Lap Log by Bamboosa comes into the picture.

The Lap Log is, in its simplest description, a stand for tablets that can be used in multiple locations and positions. You can use it on a desk or other flat surfaces, but, thanks to its use of a bean bag-like design, it will mold to the shape of whatever surface you choose. It creates a stable prop for you tablet on any number of surfaces, be they flat or not. In other words, you can even use it on… your lap – get it?

Okay, so what makes the Lap Log an environmentally friendly alternative to other tablet stands? Well, here is what Bamboosa says about their approach:

  • The fabric is GOTS Certified Organic cotton twill
  • The filling is naturally grown buckwheat hulls (they are not certified organic but all buckwheat is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers)
  • The buckwheat is grown in the US
  • The wooden insert that holds the iPad is made from locally obtained, repurposed hardwood and is handmade and hand finished. Each piece is unique in color, grain, and finished shape
  • Our packaging materials are all from recycled product, from our recycled tissue paper, to our shipping cartons.
  • The sale of this product benefits our community with local jobs at good wages, our state, which desperately needs jobs, and our country, with a product that is wholly manufactured here.

I have to say, the Lap Log is a great, simple idea that just works. Every other stand I have used for a tablet or other similar device was some sort of rigid structure that did not have the flexibility of the Lap Log. That means that, unlike other stands, this one has a far greater range of places where it could be used. Sure, some stands, such as the Twelve South Compass Stand I use daily (and is a personal favorite), are more portable than the Lap Log, but they can’t be used in your, um, lap.

Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

I used the Lap Log for a few days then, when I noticed my wife sitting on the couch with one leg crossed over the other in an attempt to balance her iPad at just the right angle, I handed her the Lap Log and said, “Use this and see what you think”. At first I could see that she was a bit skeptical, but she’s now had it for the last two hours and she won’t hand it back.

There are really just two basic parts to the Lap Log. The cylinder-shaped bean bag cushion and the small, wooden insert that slips into a slit in the cushion and actually holds your tablet in place. The cushion comes in a variety of colors (Purely Natural, Basic Black, Stone Khaki, Avocado Green, Nutmeg Brown, and Chilipepper Red), plus, there are optional “sleeves” with decorative patterns that you can purchase to slip over the basic cushion if you want to add a little additional style and protection to your Lap Log. The wooden insert is deep and wide enough to use with most tablets and readers. An added plus is that it has a nice hand-done finish to it. The Basic Black review unit has a nice, comfortable look and feel to it.

Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review


Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

Given that the Lap Log uses a cotton twill and may become dirty over time, Bamboosa made it possible to actually wash the cushion. This is done via a hidden zipper in the cushion that allows you to remove the buckwheat hulls that provide the filler. The wooden insert is also removable so it won’t go clanging around in your washer and dryer.

Bamboosa's Lap Log for iPad and Tablets review

Overall, I really like the Lap Log. (Apparently my wife does also, because it’s now been three hours and she still won’t hand it back.) It is an attractive, functional tablet stand that has the added benefit of using sustainable practices in both its design and manufacturing. You can get yours here.

MSRP: $46

What I Like: Uh, well, everything. It’s a simple and functional support for your tablet that has the adds a feel good element to your purchase

What Needs Improvement: Uh, well, nothing. Yeah, $46 night seem a little high, but given the quality of the construction, the thoughtfulness associated with the design, and the hand construction of some of the elements offsets that for me.

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