B&N Is Hungry for the Hunger Games

B&N Is Hungry for the Hunger Games

Looking to buy a NOOK this spring? The odds are suddenly in your favor that you’ll get a good deal! If you want to read The Hunger Games on your new NOOK device that is! Buy a NOOK between March 10th and 20th and receive a free copy of the first Hunger Games book!

Moreover, if you live in New York, LA, or a few other cities (check out the specific ones here) you can also see the movie for free at your local B&N! And there’s more! B&N will be hosting cast appearances and other assorted goodies are planned for the release of The Hunger Games. In other words, B&N is positioning themselves to be THE place for all things Hunger Games and that holds true whether you are talking the books or the movies.

B&N has no doubt been pining for something like this since the end of Harry Potter — a young adult series and its great marketing potential were used to draw entire whole families to them. After all, “Young Adult” is the genre that bookstores love. The reasons are numerous. Not only does the genre have crossover appeal to adults (Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games), but there are numerous opportunities to sell similar books, and “upsell” with DVDs and bookmarks and calendars (and now NOOKs!). Such an all around push would be difficult with an adult title. (I mean, try throwing a storewide theme weekend around “The Help”…something tells me it would be verrrry awkward!)

One thought on “The Hunger Games” though — if you have kids who are easily frightened or have issues with gore, I strongly suggest reading the series first to make sure it’s appropriate. I loved it, but I am 30, not 12, and I think I stopped every few chapters to turn to Sarah and exclaim “They call this a kids book!?!?” So be aware, these books put the ADULT in Young Adult.

Will B&N’s promotions convince you to finally snag a NOOK? Do you live near a store doing a sneak preview and plan to check it out? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out B&N’s Hunger Games website for all the exciting details!

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5 Comments on "B&N Is Hungry for the Hunger Games"

  1. I thought the same thing Carly….the books are riveting though.  Currently reading Mocking Jay.  I want to take Luke to go see the movie.  I am wondering….how are they going to make the gore PG-13.  Especially the end of the Games in the first book.

    • That’s been the big topic of discussion for my friends too! They can fudge/cut away much of the gore but the last battle is going to be hard.

      • Just finished Mockingjay and I have to say it was an excellent, if not ideal conclusion to the trilogy.

        Luke also has been reading the first book in school and he’s semi excited about the movie.  He saw one of the books they made for the movie.  It’s a guide to all of the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games.  He started flipping through it while we were looking at the books at Walmart.  I told him maybe later.

    • We have all enjoyed reading the series as well and are definitely thrilled to see how they play out.

      I imagine that they will take the ‘A Team’ (TV show) route to reducing the impact of violence and gore – it will be there, and have emotional impact, but without the gratuitous need to have brains and entrails fully realized in digital 3D CGI!

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