Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

When it comes to making a great gaming mouse, only one thing matters: precision. Precision and feel. OK, so I am not going to continue the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ line, but suffice to say that unlike just a few years ago there are many hurdles to making a successful gaming mouse. Let’s see how Raptor did!

The Hype:
The optical sensor of the M3 operates with precision accuracy at ultra-fast speeds up to 500Hz and 1600 dpi, and the dpi settings can be adjusted to 3 different levels: 400 dpi, 800 dpi, and 1600 dpi.

The extra large Teflon mouse sliders provide smooth mouse movements even while performing the quickest gaming maneuvers and the Thumb Rubber Grip is especially designed to maintain a secure hold throughout. A gold-plated USB connector, extra-long cable, and extra wide mouse wheel provide additional comfort and convenience.

Features of the Raptor M3 DKT Edition include:
– Optical sensor up to 1600 dpi with precision accuracy
– 3 levels of dpi settings: 400 dpi, 800 dpi & 1600 dpi
– Extra-large Teflon mouse-gliders for smooth movement and quick response
– Ergonomic design with soft-touch surface for control and comfort
– 6 buttons mouse with an extra wide mouse wheel
– Rubber thumb grip (left side) for a secure grip during hectic movements

The Reality:
The M3 DKT edition mouse is a wired USB mouse with a fairly standard layout in terms of design and layout. You have equally placed right and left buttons on either side of a clickable scroll wheel. The wire comes out of the top as had been standard for almost 30 years, and there are replaceable glide pads on the bottom for smooth mousing.

Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

Smooth mousing is incredibly important for one reason: the M3 features up to 1600 DPI (dots per inch) sampling rate for position. If you have ever used a high resolution mouse that skimped on the design of the bottom contact you know that without a balanced design and smooth movement the high resolution can actually work AGAINST you! Fortunately even on our fairly rough mango-wood kitchen table the M3 had no issues with precision of movement or tracking.

The M3 features some additional buttons that I very much appreciated. There is one just above the mouse wheel that I’m sure could be used but wasn’t all that conveniently placed based on how I hold my hands on the mouse. I played a bit but never put it to serious use because it messed up my mouse wheel control due to moving my hand around.

Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

As I mention in my hands-on video below, I have always loved the dual thumb-buttons I haved used for years on the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer, which were mapped by default to ‘back’ and ‘forward’ web functions – but for me they have been Force Push and Force Pull in Jedi Knight II since 2003 when the mouse became available. So I was thrilled that those buttons were there – and mapped by default to the same functions. When I fired up Jedi Knight II on the Mac they just worked – not bad for a mouse that doesn’t even mention Mac support!

Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

Speaking of support, as mentioned there is absolutely nothing stated about Mac support, but when I plugged the mouse in it just worked, and every function was properly mapped. There are no disks included, and the box claims full plug & play support. In Windows (Win7) I simply plugged in the mouse and the drivers were installed immediately and the mouse worked.

My single complaint with the M3 is that the Push and Pull thumb buttons feel very flat and are nearly flush compared to the textured thumb guide. It didn’t stop me from using them, but it definitely took some getting used to and they were not as convenient as on the IntelliMouse Explorer. A big part of that is the textured thumb position.

Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse Offers High Precision at a Great Price

Speaking of which, gaming with a multi-button mouse means having the mouse in a death grip the entire time. With most mice that means your hand will get tired quickly – but not the M3! There are two reasons – one is that the higher resolution can translate to less moving around as your actions are more precise. But the bigger reason is the soft rubber textured thumb rest that provides a great cushion as you grip the mouse.

One important thing to remember is that this is a $40 mouse. I have used mice with more precise surfaces, better buttons, and a more balanced feel – but all of them cost more than $100! For $40, the M3 DKT Edition offers solid performance, great features and a balanced feel that is well worth checking out.

Here is my hands-on video:

Review: Raptor M3 DKT Gaming Mouse

Where to Buy: Raptor-Gaming.com

Price: $49.90 – Raptor Gaming only site selling right now … given the press release had a $40 MSRP I would expect Amazon to come in at that price when it is released).

What I Like: Solid construction; great tracking precision; well balanced feel; great thumb cushion; excellent value

What Needs Improvement: Forward & Back buttons don’t stand out enough

Source: Manufacturer Review Sample

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