Cupertino, Start Your Photocopiers! Oh, You Already Did?

Cupertino, Start Your Photocopiers! Oh, You Already Did?

For many who have watched Apple and Microsoft for decades, the mantra of an Apple product launch leading immediately to new ‘innovations’ from Microsoft that are remarkably similar has become beyond a cliché. There are certainly inspirational elements to the point that Microsoft has even occasionally admitted to copying from Apple (legally, of course, unlike Trash/Recycle, QuickTime/Windows Media, Widgets/Gadgets, Aqua/Aero, etc), but as many also note – Apple is not immune from the occasional ‘peeking at Microsoft’s paper’.

Cupertino, Start Your Photocopiers! Oh, You Already Did?

But all of that stuff is serious … and this is just fun.

The Microsoft Zune – it was a ‘MP3 player’ released when people used those things; released about a year before smartphones made them irrelevant and about 5 years too late — you’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of it, since they only sold a few when compared to the ubiquitous iPod — and half were returned when it was realized they wouldn’t hook up to iTunes.

Anyway … the Microsoft Zune has been killed more times than someone on ‘The Walking Dead’, yet the homepage still exists – and has the ‘your entertainment, everywhere’ tag line. And if you head to the main iTunes page at Apple you will see … well, the same thing.

Does it matter? No … it is just funny – and ironic.

Source: Zunited via Techie-Buzz

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