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March 23, 2012 • Gear Bits

Keep Your Beer Cool and Your Tunes Loud with the Marshall Fridge


This Marshall Fridge is pretty amazing. It looks like an Marshall amp, but it hides something tastier than great tunes. Yeah, it holds a few six packs or anything else that you might need to keep cold — although beer is much more fun than milk. As the description on Werd notes,

You’re never going to play guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Slash but if you shred 6-packs like they shred six strings, the Marshall Fridge will be the perfect addition to your pad. It looks like the iconic Marshall stack amp but it’s really a 4.4 cubic foot fridge and freezer. You can even crank the temperature knob up to 11.

Discussing it with friends earlier today, words like “want!”, “cool” and “wow” were used; the general consensus was that we all went to college too early as this would have been awesome to have. Now I guess it just needs to go in our man-caves … Once we have one.

Just $299 for this cool BYOB fridge. No, the beer is not included.

Via Werd

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