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March 23, 2012 • Music Diary, News

Musicalight LED Sleeve for Learning Chords and Songs on the Guitar

In a strikingly odd development, we had news of TWO Kickstarter campaigns centered around parsing guitar tablature and delivering it via light-up fretboard overlay to aid with learning music. I wrote about Tabber earlier, now we have the Musicalight LED Sleeve!

This is the problem they hope to solve:

Let’s face it: learning to play any instrument is difficult. Most of us have probably started and quit learning an instrument at some point in our lives. With guitar in particular, it can be frustrating learning chords and finger positioning. We learned to play the guitar by staring at tabs, placing our fingers, staring back at tabs, counting frets, staring at tabs, repeat ad infinitum. Unfortunately, most people don’t make it past this stage.

Here is the description of their solution:

We have developed software that parses standard text tabs and loads the chords and picking patterns into the sleeve. No need to create special files on your own. Just click and load! Our sleeve will have a 100% open API. If you enjoy hardware hacking, the information will be available to you to allow you full control of the sleeve and its LEDs (light show anyone?).

Planned Features:

•Ultra-thin LED sleeve that wraps around standard size acoustic guitar necks
•Quick and easy control over tempo
•Easy interface to download new songs
•Battery power for complete mobility
•Open API allows generation of your own light shows or whatever you imagine
•Community forums dedicated to supporting hardware and hacking
•Dedicated team members
•Promise to deliver or your money will be refunded

Check out their Kickstarter page, or head to their site for more details!

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  1. dbmurray says:

    There was a guitar teaching product presented on Shark Tank last week as well…not exactly like this, but in the same category.

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