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March 26, 2012 • Reviews

MapiCases iPad 2 Cases Can Enrobe Stylishly

The other day I received a medium-sized padded mailer at work. I receive these from time to time given my work requirements, but when I opened this particular package there was something special about it. Enclosed within the mailer was a gray felt bag with an embroidered MapiCases logo emblazoned on it. Wafting out of the suede bag was the distinct smell of fine leather. The two MapiCases for my review had arrived!

MapiCases describes itself as a “proud seller of top-quality genuine leather iPad, iPhone, smartphone and e-reader accessories” using 100% top-quality cowhide assembled by MapiCases leather craftsman in Istanbul, Turkey. On casual inspection the cases certainly appeared to live up to the description, so let’s start with the Piges iPad 2 Case.

Clad in a rich chestnut brown and accented with tan threading around the perimeter, the Piges (pronounced PIG-ays, if you were wondering) case offers easy screen and port access through its generously cut sections and open-screen arrangement. Open up the flap with the nicely embossed MapiCases logo, slide in the iPad, snap the flap back in and you are ready to go. As it is a new case, the fit was fairly tight initially, but over time should stretch a bit to better form fit the iPad. The unique feature of this case is the dual landscape kickstand layout, which I will further elaborate on shortly.

Here is a view of the Piges from the bottom, right side and top. Note the felt-like fabric backing in the center. It is a very soft, non-snagging material idea for providing some friction against sliding but soft enough it shouldn’t damage the back of an iPad. The one downside of the flap design is that the top microphone is obscured by the flap.

My iPad 2 inserted into the sleeve. This was a tight fit and the snap took a little bit of tugging to secure with the tablet in place, but again, I suspect this is due to the newness of the leather case.

Note how the Home button and front camera are easily accessible, as is the bottom charging port.

Above you can see a couple of closeups of the home button notch and the charging port access.

View of the top of the Piges case holding my iPad. Note that the left and right top corners of the iPad are fully open from the top.

As I mentioned before, an ingenious pair of stands nestled together on the back of the Piges case make for two different reading angles. Secured by a thick fabric ribbon, the Piges offers a more upright viewing angle. The cutouts for the speaker was a nice touch as well:

As well as a more shallow angle suitable for typing.

The Piges is a nice picture-frame type of case, very stylish and certainly unique in design.

The other case I received, the Kolossa, here in black is a folio-style case, reminiscent of the Apple iPad Smart Cover, sporting the discreet MapiCases logo impressed upon the lower right of the front flap:

However, whereas the Smartpad Cover merely covers the screen the Kolossa encases virtually the entire iPad while still allowing access to the controls, cameras and microphone.

Like the Piges case, the Kolossa’s interior has the same soft, felt-like material to secure and prevent marring the iPad’s finish. The iPad slides into the case, in the photo below, from the left, about where the “spine” of the case front flap would cover when closed. On the far right of the case are two magnets that keep the protective front flap in place, and there is also flap magnet in place that actuates the iPad’s screen sleep function. When the case is opened, the screen automatically flips on.

Backside of case, with imprinted logo:

The folding front flap. More on this in a bit.

Like the Piges, the Home and front camera are easily accessible.

All controls are readily available as well.

Note the thickness of the back of the case:


Top view of the case. As previously mentioned, the Kolossa case has a cutout section for microphone usage.

The Lock Rotation/Mute button and Volume controls are easily available:

Another view of the Lock/Mute and Volume control access, this view from the top:

As previously mentioned, the Kolossa has a folding front cover that allows for two different viewing angles.  Simply fold the flap as needed and Presto! — instant iPad stand, here shown in the more upright angle:

Case configured for a more shallow angle view, ideal for typing.

Both the Kolossa and Piges from MapiCases ooze high quality. The leather construction is very nice, the thickness of the materials reassuring and the stitching first-rate and in addition to protecting parts of the iPad, can augment the usability of the iPad by virtue of the different stand configurations. These are truly nice cases, feel great on the hands in daily usage and would make a fine accessory.

More information on the Piges Case can be found here, and the cases comes in four colors: black, red, tan, and brown.

The Kolossa Case comes in white, black, red, tan, and brown colors and  information on the case can be found here.

MSRP: Piges Case – $100, Kolossa Case – $150

What I Like: Superb leather construction; Lightweight yet sturdy; Built-in stands on both cases; Easy access to virtually all ports/controls

What Needs Improvement: The Piges Case really needs a microphone notch; To a new user the Piges might feel initially a bit snug on their iPad

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