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Let me be clear, I can’t very well call this a review. After all, the review sample of the Bodyguardz Garrison for the New iPad just arrived a short while ago. I mean, the case isn’t even on the market yet and this is only one of a handful that are already in use. No, this cannot be called a review. But I can unequivocally say that… I have a new go-to case for my iPad. Yeah, it is that good! (so far)

Let’s take a (first) look.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 002

From Bodyguardz:

The Garrison is the latest offering from BodyGuardz in the form of a sleek, durable & stylish folio case for the new iPad (3rd Gen.) & iPad 2, as well as the Kindle Fire. It provides maximum protection while embodying the style that is synonymous with the BodyGuardz name.

The Garrison is a custom-designed folio case with bi-fold screen cover and anti-scratch microfiber lining. The case includes a wake/sleep function and an interlocking strap that increases protection and supports the new iPad in task and cinema modes. Additionally, the included HDTM Anti-glare/Anti-fingerprint ScreenGuardz provides screen protection when the case is opened, while still allowing users to experience the new iPad’s superior Retina display.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 003

The Garrison is a hybrid case that combines a soft outer material with a hard shell that grabs and holds the iPad in place. In addition, the interior is lined and helps protect the screen while keeping it clean.


• Allows full access to screen, controls, and ports

•Includes HD™ Anti-glare / Anti-?ngerprint screen protector

• Bi-fold screen cover with wake / sleep function

• Sleep / Wake Feature

•Made with premium materials

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 005

The case has a tab that secures it closed when the iPad is not in use. The strap also is key to using the Garrison as a stand and it even holds the cover back when the iPad is open and being used on the go. It works well but it does, at times, get in the way.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 006

You can see how nicely the two materials line up. This is a quality case that comes from people who know that different materials can serve different functions when protecting an iPad and the right combination of the two makes for an ideal use-scenario.

As Kirk Feller, BodyGuardz CEO and President explains,

Professionals and commuters that heavily rely on their tablets need an accessory that provides unmatched protection as well as a chic look, and The Garrison offers just that.

It is a large part of why I am taken with this case!

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 008

Here is a look at the interior of the case. The shell is seen on three sides. It grips and protects the iPad. The soft interior lining protects the iPad’s back and keeps it pristine.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 009

Another view.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 010

And when the iPad is inside it is thin thin thin. No, it is not AS thin as the Case-Mate Textured Tuxedo case we reviewed but it is close. And it has the added benefit of allowing you to easily place and remove the iPad into the case numerous times without the worry of adhesive losing its grip.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 012

It also provides protection around the entirety of the iPad’s sides.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 013

Everything is precise and it all goes together to make a nice package!

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 014

Another view. This is a great example of a case being highly protective without becoming too bulky.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 015

And the design means the camera lens is protected. That’s a great thing since the New iPad finally has a great camera that is actually quite usable.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 016

The case is also a stand. As is now familiar to many of us, a hinged area in the cover allows it to fold back and create a triangle. The tab then slips back into the loop of material used to hold it shut and secures the triangle in place. The result is a remarkably sturdy stand that holds the iPad in one of two positions.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 019

It can hold the iPad for video viewing…

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 021

or you can flip it down and…

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 022

…it can hold the iPad in “task mode”.

It is a great design that allows the case to be thin but not flimsy. Here’s Bodyguardz’s promotional video.

So there you have it. The Bodyguardz Garrison for New Apple iPad. It is not yet available but you can pre-order it and, based upon my few hours with the case… you should. Details and pre-ordering can be found here.

GearDiary Bodyguardz garrison 001

MSRP: $49.95

What I Like (so far):Thin; Light; protective; Built-in stand is great; Includes screen protector; Feels great to hold

What Needs Improvement (so far): Only available in one color; The tab can get in the way sometimes

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  1. Rodney St. John | April 2, 2012 at 6:54 pm |

    Man, you guys are finding ways for me to spend my money.  I love my Sena Folio case, but this case is tempting me to break open my wallet.  After a few days, are you still smitten with the case?

    • I am!!!
      I do, however, wish the tab wasn’t there. Sure you would love the stand functionality but I would do the tradeoff.
      And… sorry… but we’re here to help. 🙂

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