Jabra SUPREME UC, Calls At Your Desk and On the Go

Jabra SUPREME UC, Calls At Your Desk and On the Go


We reviewed the Jabra SUPREME last year. It is the first non-stereo headset that includes Active Noise Cancellation. It is a bit bigger than I usually like but it sounds great and is a good choice if you are in the market for a new BT headset. Here’s what we had to say at the time

I’m really impressed with the Jabra Supreme. It is comfortable, sounds good and offers all of the features that I want and need in a headset. The active noise cancellation is an interesting new feature. It works quite well and allows for good quality calls on both sides. When the active cancellation kicks in there is a bit of the all-too-familiar pressure change that active noise cancellation is known for. It isn’t all that noticeable and, unlike most active noise canceling headphones, I did not find it uncomfortable in the least. The “flip open to turn on” boom is convenient and the voice activate button is placed in a most useful location. Bottom line, if you are looking for a rather high-end Bluetooth headset the Jabra SUPREME should be on the short list.

What I Like: Comfortable; easy turn on/connect functionality/ good voice quality on both ends of the conversation

What Needs Improvement: I want a carrying case!; iOS app not yet available

The Jabra SUPREME UC builds on the earlier version by including a nano, pre-paired Bluetooth USB adapter. This addition makes it possible to connect the headset to PCs and use it for UC (Unified Communications) supported calls or traditional mobile phone calls. Better still, the headset will stay connected to both devices and switch seamlessly between mobile and UC calls with the simple push of a button.

As Mogens Elsberg, CEO of Jabra notes,

As Americans continue to move towards mobility, both inside and outside of the office, Jabra is focusing on making communicating on the go as easy as possible with our ever-growing suite of products dedicated to the mobile workforce. With this line of products, we are providing mobile workers with hands-free communication options for use in the office, in the car, on the street, and anywhere else business needs to be done.

The headset includes Active Noise Cancellation and uses one dedicated microphone and an electronic chipset to “generate an ‘anti-noise’ sound, removing ambient noise heard by the person wearing the headset. This technology ensures that whether the headset is being used on-the go on a mobile phone or with a UC platform in a noisy office setting.”

The Jabra SUPREME UC will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $149. The Jabra SPEAK 410 and FREEWAY are currently available for $159 and $129, respectively.

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