Twitter Meets Toilet Humor with Sh-tter

Twitter Meets Toilet Humor with Sh-tter

Before I get into Sh-tter, the Twitter Toilet Paper (and yes, it is a real product!), I need to share a quick story. You see, this is not my first experience with novelty toilet paper. After college my friend made extra money by advertising moving services on Craigslist, and somehow a bunch of us got sucked into helping. One of our jobs was to pack a U-Haul for a grad student who was moving, and his biggest concern was packing the room full of “Sh*t-Be-Gone” toilet paper he was selling. It is the only time in my life someone has ever said “This is toilet paper. But please, treat it as though it is glass.”

However, even Sh*t-Be-Gone can’t hold a candle to Sh-tter. If you’ve ever declared that your worst enemy/least favorite politician has opinions that aren’t worth wiping your own behind with, well, good news. Now you can test that, with a roll of toilet paper printed with someone’s twitter stream!

Businessweek did an interview with the creators of the product, and true to form they asked the hard questions:

How’s the quality of the toilet paper?

It’s good. It’s the same kind of thing you’d buy in a store.

Is it quilted?

It’s got a nice texture to it. It’s good quality. It’s not like we were the first people to print anything on toilet paper. It’s all very safe, shall we say, for consumption.

How has it been received?

We thought people would talk about it. We shared it with our friends, and they all had a laugh. The best part is that Twitter themselves, first from London, have gotten in touch. They said they loved it. We were waiting to see when San Francisco would wake up to see if they had a laugh, as well—or if the lawyers would be onto us. But they found it just as funny. We’re going to get some rolls to send over and say thanks.

Yes, this is a real product. Finally, the issue of reading material in the bathroom has been solved! Plus, how could you NOT want to change the toilet paper, knowing there’s a whole new Twitter stream to read! If you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, or a friend with a bathroom humor streak, you can order a roll here!


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