Twitter Releases Periscope, Their Answer to Live-stream App Meekrat

If you haven’t heard, live-streaming is the hottest thing to do these days. With apps like Meekrat making noise in the social app world, it’s no surprise that Twitter would not have their hands in the pot. Less than two weeks ago, Twitter purchases streaming startup Periscope and has now repackaged it as their own app, available today.

Twitter Releases Periscope, Their Answer to Live-stream App Meekrat

Purchased for a rumored $100 million dollars by social-media giant Twitter, Periscope launched their attempt to one-up their competitors. After controversially blocking Meekrat from accessing their site, it’s now available in the app store. Periscope is essentially what Meekrat would be if it were more polished, and you know, purchased more seven or more figures. The only issue that could potentially happen is the fact Meekrat arrived at the party first, and is the familiar face. Think Facebook’s “Slingshot”, their answer to Snapchat. Everyone was already using the service, so it makes it kind of difficult to catch up now.

But Periscope seems to be aims at giving your Twitter timeline a window to your world, that is not only just real-time live video, but real-time conversations as a result of this. I’m already counting the days to Skype’s destruction!

Twitter Releases Periscope, Their Answer to Live-stream App Meekrat

The app is simple to use. You open the app, launch the camera and the app tweets a message (if you allow) to go live. In turn you’ll receive notifications via a cool little whistle to everyone who’s following you Periscope. People can actually common on your actions as they happen courtesy of the fact the app has low-lag times. People in turn can quickly leave your comments or questions. If you don’t want comments, you can turn them off. Videos can be set to delete forever after 24 hours as well.

Kayvon Beykpour, one of Periscope’s founders says:

“We want you to see the world through other people’s eyes. It’s a two-way teleportation device, and interactive enough that viewers can affect the experience. The magic moment in Periscope is when you realize you can affect what you’re seeing, this isn’t live-streaming — it’s teleportation.”

I’m already having fun with the app, I just hope it keep traction and doesn’t end up a failed attempt at keeping up with the times like Twitter Music was. So feel free to follow me on Periscope as well while you’re at it!

You can download Periscope in the App Store now.

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