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April 28, 2012 • Gear Bits

Gnome Canterwick Beautifully Repurposes Leather-Bound Classics as iPhone Charger Docks

Books have been hollowed out since the beginning of time to hide things, whether it be to disguise and hold adult beverages, money, guns or other “treasures” inside. But here’s a novel idea, rather than hollow out the book to hide something, why not display the book while it is being used to charge your mobile device?

Many of your favorite books are here, repurposed to be a clever charging dock that holds your device and hides its cable. Gnome Canterwick says that customization requests for upgrades including “plug location, longer cords, wall adapters, etc.” are welcome.


This new leather-bound classic has been repurposed as a charging book dock with a 3′ Foot USB cable, the book is sealed closed and not readable in order to support the charger. Simply place your device on top of it and connect the cable to your computer’s USB port or directly to your wall adapter (comes standard with all Apple idevices) and it will support both charge and sync functions while decorating your spaces..

If you have been looking for an alternative way to show your reading interests, since now even the largest personal libraries can be completely digital and essentially invisible, this may be it.

See more in Gnome Canterwick’s Etsy Shop.

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