Ventev iPhone 6 Cases Video Roundup

Ventev recently sent us three of their Ventev iPhone 6 Cases for review. The cases range in price from $19.99 to $34.99, and they run the gamut. One is a simple case made from hardened gel. Another is handcrafted from leather. The third has a most unusual look and feel. We’ve shot brief videos of each; here’s a look.

Ventev iPhone 6 Cases

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The Ventev Via for iPhone 6

Coming in at the low-end of these three cases is the Ventev Via for iPhone 6. At an MSRP of just $19.99, it is inexpensive protection for your new iPhone. Available in a number of colors, the company describes it this way:

The Via case for iPhone 6 provides extra grip while protecting your phone from accidental drops. Features simple click buttons and a unique translucent back channel that showcases your phone.

Created from hardened gel, the two-tone, translucent design of the case lets you show off the phone while also serving up a decent amount of drop protection. Those with slippery fingers will appreciate the extra grip it provides. Add in the fact that the translucent channel shows off the phone and buttons are covered and you have decent value for the money.

Video review of the Ventev Via:


The Via is the least expensive of these three Ventev iPhone 6 Cases, but that doesn’t mean it is “cheap.You can learn more here.


Ventev Aria for iPhone 6

Coming in at $24.99 is the Ventev Aria. This case offers an unusual vented design that both protects and shows off the iPhone.
Lightweight protection. The Ventev Aria case for the iPhone 6 features elevated accent lines on the back of the case to improve tactility that helps prevent accidental drops. As the company explains, the Aria,

  • gives a stylish but functional way to protect your device from everyday life
  • Strategically placed raised grip lines for perfect hand placement

The front rim on the case offers some lay-on-the-table protection, while “simple click buttons” cover the power and volume buttons. The back also has ribs that add visual interest while also giving extra grip to the phone.

Video look at the Ventev Aria:

Penna for iPhone 6

At $34.99 the Ventev Penna certainly isn’t expensive, but it is the priciest of these three Ventev iPhone 6 Cases. The company claims the case, “becomes a second-skin for your phone.” I’m not sure about that but I do like the fact that it is made from 100% leather, offers a minimalist shape that hugs the phone, and it has a micro fiber lining for extra protection. The contoured design provides lightweight protection, but I don’t fully understand why they left the top of the phone almost entirely exposed. Still, this leather case looks quite nice, and it offers a healthy degree of protection without being too bulky.

Video Review of the Ventev Penna

You can learn more here.

These Ventev iPhone 6 Cases offer decent value and three distinct styles. Check out our videos on YouTube!

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