Appigo Releases Todo Exchange Tasks for iPhone

Appigo Releases Todo Exchange Tasks for iPhone
When the iPhone was first released, it was clear that the device was awesome but not meant for enterprise. Sure, you could surf the web, listen to music, make calls and much more, but the device was not for people doing serious work. Fast forward a few years, and all that has changed. There are now dozens and dozens of serious productivity apps for the iPhone and iPad, and the devices are finding their way into an increasing number of business settings. And beginning this morning there is a new business app available in the iTunes App Store. Best of all, if comes from an old friend and one of the most consistently excellent iOS development teams – Appigo. Their new Todo Exchange Tasks for iPhone brings the power of Appigo’s Todo to iPhone-users who also use Exchange.
Todo® Exchange Tasks app is the most powerful way to access your Microsoft® Exchange tasks. Exclusively designed for business, use Todo Exchange to securely create, update, and manage your to-do lists wherever you are. Todo Exchange automatically connects to your Exchange server when you launch and exit the app so your tasks stay up to date on your iPhone and Outlook client.
Appigo first released their Todo task management app in 2008. In fact, it was one of the first iPhone Apps i input into the data-base of my, now defunct, iPhone app review site. When the iPad came out the company released Todo for iPad. It was both visually and functionally stunning and became the top-selling app on the entire App Store. In all, Todo had been downloaded over a million times.
Appigo Releases Todo Exchange Tasks for iPhone
As Calvin Gaisford, Appigo’s CEO notes,
We’re excited to bring the power of our Todo app to business customers who exclusively use Exchange. We’ve used technologies from our existing Todo app and built an extremely stable version that makes connecting to your Exchange tasks easy.

Exchange Tasks gives Exchange users access to Exchange task features like notes, start date, due date, importance, recurrence, and a reminder alert. Using Microsoft’s ActiveSync® protocol, it keeps tasks up-to-date between an iPhone and an Exchange server by synchronizing when the app launches and exits. It also respects the “Wipe Device” security policy required by many companies which can be used if an iPhone is ever lost or stolen.

Appigo Todo Exchange Tasks is available in the App Store for $9.99.

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