Get Connected With the New Jabra MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System


Jabra is introducing a new phone system that gives you an assortment of different ways to connect. The new Jabra MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System adds three different kinds of connectivity and a simple way to control it all. Based on the Jabra MOTION Bluetooth headset the system will be $380 when it arrives Q2. It puts Jabra to work. 

We reviewed the Jabra MOTION Bluetooth headset (see the review) and were impressed with its design, features, comfort and sound. The Jabra MOTION Office is based around Jabra’s MOTION Bluetooth headset and offers triple connectivity that enables you to answer and end calls from landline, softphone and mobile phones. For anyone like me who uses their smartphone for most calls but also uses a laptop-based soft phone or a landline at times it offers a great degree of flexibility. As Jabra explains, the system is

designed around the philosophy that technology should adapt to users – not the other way around – the MOTION Office delivers a full set of intuitive features that enable mobile professionals to focus on their work.

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Pete Fox, general manager, Jabra North America observes that

We’re well into this new age of work being defined as ‘what we do,’ rather than ‘where we work,. The big idea now is simplicity and adaptability. Complexity is no longer acceptable. We expect our technology to understand intuitively what we want it to do so we can focus on the work at hand. The Jabra MOTION Office takes a big stride in this direction.

 Jabra MOTION Features:

  • Connects to desk phone, softphone and mobile phone
  • Touch screen for easy setup and daily use
  • Best in class audio and acoustic safety
  • Up to 100 m/300 ft wireless freedom
  • Jabra Busy Light base connection
  • Hot desking feature


The MOTION Office uses a Class 1 Bluetooth and has an amazing 100 meter/300 foot range from the host computer or docking station. Add in features like NFC (Near Field Communication) pairing, a visual cue so others know then the headset is in use, built-in sensors that automatically answer incoming calls when the headset is picked up and placed on the user’s ear and Power Nap mode that puts the device to sleep after long periods of inactivity and you have a great Bluetooth system that will let you stay connected. The Jabra MOTION Office even adjusts the volume automatically and lets you answer or reject incoming calls, play music, and call back missed calls by voice. It is the complete communications package and it arrives Q2 at an MSRP of $380. We’ll have one for review so stay tuned! Learn more here.

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